Days change – Chat time

It’s 12:40am Monday morning.
This afternoon we had Mr.S’s kids and grandchildren over for a Christmas BBQ.
All was well till I received a phone call from J, K’s boyfriend, telling me that she was in
hospital and had had a seizure.

Thankfully I hadn’t consumed much alcohol, I drove the hour to the hospital, shaking and
wondering why, how?

When I arrived she was still in emergency, looking pale and very drowsy, hooked up to a saline drip.
J then told me what happened.

They called into see the penguins, as they pulled into the driveway, K looked at J rather strangely, then her body went rigid and her foot was still on the accelator, J had to pull her leg away, as the car was still going. Her eyes rolled back and she started ‘frothing’ and convulsing. This went on for some time. He raced from the car and started banging loudly on the door and screaming for help.
Mum and pop penguin ..finally came to the door, thinking it was kids playing a prank.

Just prior to the seizure, K said she felt like she was having a de ja vu type experience, which she also had the day before, this was possibly a warning sign.

J managed to get her out of the car, the ambulance was called. K was vomiting and vomited several times in the ambulance to the hospital.
Blood and urine samples taken, they were okay, but she showed low kidney function.
She then went for a CT scan, this came back clear, thankfully.

We stayed with her having two saline bags to get through and obtain the results till 11:15pm.

She told me she thought she was going to die, that she had never felt so scared. Her pulse was 140 when admitted and her BP 85/64 ..very low. She was hyperventilating in the ambulance.
She will now have an MRI scan done during the week and wait to see a Neurologist to see what or how this was caused.

The nurse did say it can happen due to great stress…

I massaged her head as she lay there, I felt hopeless as we all do, in times like this.
K has started taking medication for her BPD, so I queried the nurse and doctor if this could have caused it, they said no.

To see your ‘baby’ no matter what age they may be, frightened, is heartbreaking.
Because her body went so rigid, she now has thrown her back out too.

She is now home, I drove back in the silence of the summer night, window down, thinking how fragile life really is. How a day can change in an instant, but I thank the universe that she is still with us and hope that this is the first and last seizure she has.



18 thoughts on “Days change – Chat time

  1. Oh Jenny – So sorry to hear what you and K went through. Life is so precious and fragile, and can change in the blink of a moment. Cherish each moment. Sending hugs and loving compassion that only us mom’s understand. Hang in there, my friend.

  2. i’m so glad that k was with her boyfriend and near your parents house and that you were able to go to her. i hope that they figure this out asap, and they are right, stress can do strange things to people. hugs –

  3. Jen, I am so sorry for the scare. As you said, it doesn’t matter how old they are, they are still our babies and we don’t want to see them scared or sick or in a bad place. I hope your holidays are happy and low stress. I know all of you need some peace. Early Merry Christmas wishes to you. xxx

  4. Oh Jen, stress can do so much to the body; K is going through a lot and it must have all been too much for her mind and body. I am just glad it happened in the driveway of mum and pop’s house and J was with her. To see our babies go through pain is horrendous. Sending you all my love, holding your hand and hugging you!

  5. It’s so frightening when things like this happen. I’m thinking of you, Jen, and sending love and hugs to you all. Take care of yourself – and I really hope this is the one and only for K as well xxxx

  6. Terrifying indeed Jen. I’m so glad she wasn’t alone and was gotten to the hospital quickly. I hope the tests give some answers and directions to go in. Thinking of you and hoping for good results.

  7. I’m sorry she’s gone through this and sorry for the worry and concern you’re experiencing. I’m glad she got help so quickly. I’m sure they’ll determine the cause–stress can cause quite a lot. Take care of yourself 🙂 xx

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