Post Christmas day and Boxing Day chat

Oh where did those 2 days disappear?

Firstly a thank you to all who read and also commented on my pre Christmas chat. I hope that you all had a wonderful day with those you love and possibly those you may not (depending on the family/friend relationships that were gathered at your table).

Our Boxing Day is drawing to an end with another day of good food and good company.

Yesterday we went to my brothers for lunch I’m driving as Mr. S with his ‘boot’ cannot. Picked up Mr. S’s stepfather P and then daughter B and her husband E (sorry possibly confusing you with all these letters).

Arriving and organising the entree (fresh prawns cooked in chilli & sesame oil) with home made garlic mayonnaise, a roasted capsicum andΒ Thai dipping sauces.

The rest of the family arrived brother P after picking up Mumma & Pop Penguin, nephews D his wife D and S and his wife E and their new babies Mia and Charlize.

K then entered without J…but she was calm and seemed relaxed.

Highlights of the day

The food, prawns, glazed BBQ leg of ham and turkey, salads.
Desserts of small puddings or individual trifles, with cream, custard, purΓ©ed rhubarb, meringue and home made shortbread.

The Kris Kringle gift giving, where we were given numbers, taking it in turns to choose a generic gift, then having the opportunity to steal what we preferred from someone else (mumma p got grumpy when her baileys Irish cream liquer vanished)

Playing darts outside with all the boys in the family.
This also included garden darts…trying to spear a leaf across the lawn, from over our heads, blindfolded, between our legs.

Taking family photos, pulling silly faces and crazy positions.

Cuddling the two babies and being able to settle them and get them sleeping (haven’t lost the knack it seems)

Receiving a weekend get-a-way with Mr.S in February in Victoria (destination unknown) & a Fitbit (a watch that tells you calories burned, sleep patterns etc)

Best highlight

Watching my girls K and B talking and son in law E.
Watching them laugh and share and K joining in the day.

and in the in betweens

Mumma P getting cranky that no one was singing carols, throughout the conversations held at the table.

Pop feeling useless that he had to be helped to walk and be seated.


We forgot to buy Bon Bons and sit with our silly paper hats!

I hope you had an amazing two days.
So what were your highlights and in-betweens, if you’d like to share?

22 thoughts on “Post Christmas day and Boxing Day chat

  1. Nice to read about your celebrations, Jenny. I had to look up two things! πŸ™‚ Boxing day – I wasn’t familiar with. And capsicum – is that red chili peppers roasted in your thai sauce?

    Glad to hear there were so many highlights and good times!

    • Hello lovely, I forgot that Boxing Day isn’t celebrated everywhere. πŸ˜” Basically it’s a day to eat the leftovers from Christmas Day, get togethers and also sales which start and are frantic. The capsicum – yes mild red chilli peppers (thank you for looking these up) I used these with roasted tomatos in dipping sauce of the same name. The Thai sauce was coriander, fish sauce, hot chillies. Thank you for reading J. πŸ’œ

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. Our “biggest” celebration, being the biggest for the number of people is yet to be held. That’s tonight. But so far it has been wonderful with family and friends and smiles and calm. Happy season of blessings Jen.

  3. An amazing Boxing Day for you my lovely. K and B together – Have been thinking about them. Would’ve melted your heart. I had some Baileys. Love it. No wonder mum was cranky her bottle disappeared. I would be too. Getting together with family and extended family – it’s lovely. I love that fitbit – don’t have one but I hear it’s great. Oooh prawns – yum.
    We had a marvelous day opening up presents- er,6 am wake up call to see if Santa had visited. Indeed he had. Played board games, cooked Christmas dinner and had a martini or two. Oh, oh and yes, I had some chocolate, read and watched movies with my girls. Plenty of cuddle time. It is officially Boxing Day for me, no cricket to watch:-) but lots of reading and movie watching planned.
    Love you

    • It did melt my heart lovely. Yes this Fitbit is good, first day of wearing, though I’m not going to enter food as firstly none are australian, all American, so it’s tricky to put in. As long as I get my calories burned and steps each day I’m happy. 6am..oh dear, as much as they were early mornings, it is wonderful getting up when they wake 😊 glad you had a martini or two and chocolate of course 😊
      Yes the cricket was on, but I don’t watch it here, I leave it to the boys. Glad you had a great couple of days darling, love you too and thanks for sharing 😊 xxx

  4. Ohh I knew you would have great food as always when you are involved 😍 I had been thinking hard about K & R, soo very glad your Chrissy Day was a fantastic one. A couple of “snap ” moments… I too forgot the bon bons (first time ever) and I bought Baileys (first time ever) then subsequently forgot I had lol.
    Our day started 3 y.o. early and She went and got S out of bed. We then opened presents and had coffee 😩. Miss L was beside herself that Santa had been and had a few bites of the lactose free biscuits and milk she left out, also the knawed carrots his Rudolph tried…. adorable indeed. Mountains of wrapping later everyone was happy with their morning. G, J and Miss L went to J’s family for lunch. S had left earlier. I then had the time to finish organising for dinner hoping the pork in the slow cooker worked (it did after finishing the crackling in the oven) B came over with Danger his Dalmation and chilled, well, as much as one can with such a beautiful yet hyper dog. His wife M (a paramedic) was working. Friends arrived at 5.30, M at 6 . G etc were late back , soo we started and they arrived at dessert (could not hold the pork etc any longer) M is our family fantastic cook and provided individual plum puddings, a rose water/white nectarine trifle that I can not tell you how blissfully happy my tastebuds felt and glorious ornamental biscuits/rum balls. After bubbly, chats and then the rest of the present opening (not allowed to open half till M was here) Miss L was super tired by then. Boxing Day morning and friends had stayed over, we had a great and varied cooked breakfast, a Boxing Day tradition with us. We all chilled till lunch then friends hit the shops for the sales and I went off to work pooped but happy. A very Merry Christmas was had by all πŸŽ…

    • How funny about the Bon bon failures from both of us πŸ˜€ ahh thank you for the compliment on the food lovely. Bright early start for you, how cute to see the bites out of biscuits and carrots. The trifle sounds amazing! Your pork also sounds yum You certainly have had a wonderful couple of days by the sound of it. I kept away from shops boxing day it’s too manic! Glad you enjoyed and relaxed for some of it, tis the days to go beserk though 😝 thank you for sharing honey. πŸ’œ xxx

  5. i am so, so happy to read this jenny and can just imagine the smile on your face. best for me, were the people and caring and that it all worked out even with all the usual craziness.

  6. I am so happy for you, Jen! Yes, the food sounded wonderful at your festive celebration and the stealing gift exchange is one of my favorite times in my memories of work parties…. but the marvelous moments with two living parents, the two sisters happy and chatting and babies to put to sleep safe and sound. . . Those moments warmed my heart, the funny things you mentioned about no Bon bons and hats, as well as the annoyed Mum losing her Bailey’s were precious, Jen!
    I wrote a post-Christmas note with a little ‘state of affairs’ of U.S. and my own two favorite parts of Christmas… My Mom, family and grandies were so wonderful and I loved every minute of the holiday and am sad, truly, that work ensues tomorrow! xoxox Happy upcoming new year to you, Mr. S. (yea! a trip to look forward to…) and many more happy times with family gatherings wished to you!

    • Thank you lovely, forgive me if I didn’t comment on a post or two, it’s been a crazy few days for everyone. I found out later that who did ‘pinch’ it gave it back and swapped at the end of the day, so she wasn’t grumpy in the end 😊 I am happy that you had a glorious time with your family and yes going back to work sucks majorily 😦 happy upcoming to you and yours too and thank you for your kindness and friendship over the months since we met. You have always been a positive for me and I am grateful. πŸ’œ xx

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