I had thought of writing a pensive, meaningful post to see the New Year in..but as I have guests, two girlfriends over, so I think it rude at this point to put my head down into my IPad.

Mr.S, I, R and S are watching TV, listening to fire crackers in the paddocks and houses around us and no we haven’t hit the big 12 yet we have two hours to go still!

I’m about to cook prawns on the BBQ, I have salmon and a food full of fridge (probably over catered for 4 people).

So I’ll make this brief

May your dreams come true in 2015.
May you be with the one you love.
May you find the one you love.
May you find peace.
May happiness fill your soul.
May you give and not receive.
May you accept.
May you find happiness.
May you and those you love have good health.
May you cherish others and yourself.
May you forgive and be forgiven.
May you understand your life and the reason you are here.
May you not be distracted in your course.
May you have time for yourself.
May you have time for others.



Thank you for supporting me, thank you reading, for commenting. I cherish each and every one of you.


Love you all


33 thoughts on “HAP HAP HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. May you receive all that you need to do what you must do, and what you have what you lack to complete all that you need to accomplish. May 2015 be your year to shine with love and courage. Happy blessed New Year, Jen. Hugs x

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