Today never the same as yesterday

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

The heat wave came and went
clothes were peeled like orange skins
rain today broke the crispness
soaked the roots of those that withered
a quieter frame of mind than yesterday
watched the water fall over gutters
standing on the deck of wood
looking at birds open beaks
in happiness and they too are quieter
taking in a new day that is
warm and soaked

The rain continues outside my
windows, hitting the asphalt darker grey
quiet moments of listening to what surrounds me
no music played, no TV watched just me alone
pensively contemplating this new day

Copyright JMTacken 9.1.2015

42 thoughts on “Today never the same as yesterday

  1. Jen are you spiriting yourself over to me ? At this very moment your visual is my visual as I read. All alone, watching the gutters overflow listening only to it pouring over. Thanking heaven for saving my one and only rose from its final wither. Ahhh bliss, now the rain has stopped and silence…. oh except for the fridge LOL . Descriptive and beautiful as always lovey πŸ’‹

    • I think I must be πŸ™‚ Funny how that happens, two minds in different places visualising and experiencing the same thing. Thank you lovely…I understand about the fridge, was going to put that, but thought it may spoil the flow πŸ˜‰ Thank you about the photo too, I do like it. ❀ ❀ xxx

  2. my new day was blustery cold…below zero temps…
    but it was not a bad day…and you are right…two people can have
    the same day…and have two different days at the same time.

    • You’re welcome Beth, considering your photography, I thank you for the kind comment.mthese were just off my IPad, but I was happy with it and I’m glad you liked and also my words. Thank you πŸ’œ xo

  3. Oh how beautiful. What a gorgeous picture you paint. Your gentle words make me feel so happy. I love the rain, Jen. From its fresh clean smell, to the drops on the window, to the forceful winds we just had, I don’t know what it is, but the sound makes me think, or rather the rhythmic patterns help my writing. Either that or I could read all day with a hot cuppa.
    Hugging you

  4. Contemplation is good. I love the peace and calm of your words. Everything withers, but it is alright if there is something that rejuvenates.
    A beautiful photograph as well. πŸ™‚
    I hope that this new year is going good for you thus far.

    • Thank you so much Anmol. Appreciating you reading and your kind words. It’s still rocky..but I am hoping that life will settle down for all concerned…it will take time
      . I hope you are well my friend.

  5. This piece has a wonderful zen feel with the beautiful photo alongside…loved so many lines “clothes peeled like orange skins”, “soaked the roots of those that withered”….I felt the zen seep in at the end though. I once took a class where we wrote zen haiku. I always overthought it. It was just about speaking the moment. Beautiful piece J!

  6. So much within this piece captures my emotions, Jen. I am so glad that it sounds like a peaceful time, rain can be so refreshing and warm weather is such a wonderful change, too. I always like nature, birds especially with their cheery songs and personality. The photograph is very professional of this place, Jen! Hugs! xox

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