It’s not what you say but how you say it


many more
flow with velvet smoothness
cut like razor blades
speech deciphered
by the listener
you say so much
you lie so well
have me
wherever you choose
one day torn to shreds
next day forgotten
how much do I believe
how much should I
cry for help
or manipulation
crying wolf
should I’d ignore
how much should I trust
what is said
how it’s said
can easily be confused
to the one that hears

Copyright JMTacken 12.1.2015

30 thoughts on “It’s not what you say but how you say it

  1. So true Jenny! Great piece! That is the challenge of writing also – since we don’t have the ability to add inflection that actual speaking does. You master it beautifully in your writing!

  2. it’s so very hard to be caught up the ever-changing windstorm, with words flying all around, and no clear path through it all. wonderful poem and hugs –

  3. Lovely, lovely poem Jen. Words are just the most powerful tool in the world are they not? They get you into trouble, they cause a war, they cause pain and they heal wounds all at the same time. I love words, I don’t know what I would do without them. And here you are putting them together so beautifully – brilliant.

  4. “How much should I cry for help
    Or manipulation”
    “Have me
    Wherever you
    I love the line breaks, the use of single words for some thoughts, and then longer staccato lines. This is a really great piece of writing….

  5. It makes me cry to think of how words can be used for ill. The potential to do so much with them for good and still we have to wade through them to find what is not being said or how they are used to control. And lies are the worst. There’s just never any real knowing, always guessing. I suppose all we can do is go on gut and previous experience even if that still lets us down at times. I hope you can filter to best serve without being manipulated, Jen. It’s a tough one.x

  6. Jen, you show so much depth and perception in what you write. This can reach others in its meaning, it can also express your own frustration with the way words are hurled into the maelstrom of life. Such challenges to overcome, my dear friend… Hugs, Robin

    • Aww thank you darling, yes my frustration is possibly quite evident and many challenges still to face. Words spoken can change a mood a moment so easily. Thank you for the hug and back at you πŸ’œ xx

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