I am the stone


My spirits in the stone you hold
Warm it for a while, before I’m
cast in to the coolness of the lake
say your goodbyes
your peace with me
as I return to earth

As you let go into the stillness
remember the first ripples that you see
they belong to you, my love
the closet that is to me
for you I’ve loved and
have been loved in return

You are the one I fear for most
your pain will be felt most
the ripples continue outwards
belonging to family
beyond the eddies the circles wide
are for my life long friends

The water runs deep
I sink slowly to rest
along the sands below
beneath the cool
the ripples will subside
as must your pain

When all you see is the sunset
and no more sight of ‘me’
I will return to those I’ve loved
I still have breath to breathe

Copyright JMTacken 13.1.2015

31 thoughts on “I am the stone

  1. This has such an awesome feeling of letting go, Jen. I think of the word, “Breathe” and I picture releasing our breath into the vastness of air surrounding us. The way you talk about warming the stone, the water’s ripples and the eddies, I can picture such a lovely place to throw the rock into. We will continue to breathe. . .

  2. That last line is indeed beautiful.
    Aside from the positive feeling of letting go and surviving, I feel a shadow of sadness in your words… the coldness of the lake, the ripples extending outward, sinking, resting on the sands below. It seems to me that the cure of pain is pain only.
    Thoughtful writing.

  3. I don’t know why but I felt serene, a powerful calm, I think it was the letting go. I loved the words ” for you I’ve loved and have loved in return.”
    Just so pure my darling.

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