Hiding places
seeking invisibility
returning to
childhood memories
whispers under blankets

She longs to vanish
scratching her nails along
the sinewy bark
her quiet voice muffled
against the trees

She needs to find solace
climb the steps high
let her lips kiss the clouds
so she may blend amongst them

She longs

She needs

She will one day
grasp the eluding peace
find her sanctuary

Copyright JMTACKEN 21.1.2015

44 thoughts on “Vanish

  1. You give us some beautiful images with this (childhood whispers under blankets) as well as describing well her emotional turmoil and need search for piece. As Richard said, very evocative.

  2. so beautiful and sad all at once. Evocative is the word. Do you speak of K? It feels like it comes from a very deep and personal place. Exquisite!

  3. I love those words “she will one day grasp the eluding peace.” It speaks volumes of our inner turmoil and outer calm, that balance we all search and maybe yearn for. When I run, I watch the birds, the swans are oh so serene, knowing they’re paddling like crazy under water gives me hope that we all have the strength of a swan, the serenity to keep it together and the hard work to get us to peace. Love you. Words that mean a lot to you I know. So beautiful.

      • This is where many of us feel safest. Especially those with their depression or mental instabilities. I feel so much for your K and your other daughter, too. The sisters need some time together soon, I hope! You are most welcome for any comments I send to you. You were hard to get ‘a hold of this weekend!’ I explained over on my post, I tried on Saturday and Sunday, two different and wild goose chases! Smiles, Robin xo

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