51 thoughts on “3 Faces of K

  1. No matter how she has changed over time, she still carries a lot of you in her. She has your beautiful smile and eyes. I so know what you mean – from one mother to another. Big hugs to you, Jen.

    • Over time Bri, the first about 6 yrs ago, the 2nd about 4 and the last…current. I guess being her mum, I see the difference in her face and it’s not just make up or weight… What you didn’t have a Mohawk at school? Smiles.

    • No, sadly she doesn’t. She has one at the moment, been together 3 and a bit years. He is now on medication for depression…. It’s a never ending circle it seems, but I thank you for the compliment ..on her behalf ☺️

  2. She is very like you, Jen. A beautiful young woman. But I do know what you mean about the change in appearance. I always wonder whether the exterior change, when it’s drastic, is to help the person cope, like wearing a mask daring anyone to penetrate beneath. Or whether it’s a true reflection of what is going on inside in other ways.
    It’s hard to watch the changes and not be able to do more than what you are doing. Kids will worry us one way or another forever. So said my mum and I believe her now.
    Hugs to you and your kids and to your penguins, Jen. Generations of everything going on all to be coped with. Life’s a bugger at times.xxx

    • Thanks sweetheart, yes too much going on right now. Her appearance changes daily now. From make up to hair colour all the Borderlines way of trying to find themselves and be happy with their existence. Something they find difficulty doing. Thank you for reading hun and your compliments and thoughts. Xx

  3. I also am going to say this is a great visual of your daughter. I am very amazed at her versatility and beauty. I am hoping you know because I have two vastly different daughters, both can be so unusual in their appearances. My oldest in her art college days and her gothic high school days was amusing to me, but her father was quite nasty to her. My youngest goes from dark brown to blond to frosted. She is one who likes to look in style, while my oldest one is a hippie at heart. She is tromping around the snow in boots and a long skirt, as we speak!
    The tribute to the “Three Faces of Eve,” was not lost on this big movie buff, Jen. I feel she is a unique and special young woman who will be able find her place under the sun someday. I hope and pray you will continue to be strong, which can be so difficult under many circumstances.

    • Thank you Rob, I love the visual of your eldest stomping in the snow, boots and long skirt. We have our differences don’t we. Some more than others though, not just our physical appearance. I hope she finds her place in the sun. I would be the happiest mum on this earth to see her smile and enjoying life once again. I am trying, some days I want to fold, but I know I cant with what is going on. I knew Three faces of Eve would be recognised … Smiles and hugs πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. This was a powerful post because it shows that you love K in all her forms and no matter how she dresses or acts or whatever, she will always be your beautiful baby girl. For my own education, does BPD happen as a result of depression/ anxiety or does it have any particular trigger? My friend’s husband has ADD, Bi-polar and also they are looking into the possibility that he has BPD as well.

    • Merryn, I see you have been reading a few posts. I haven’t written for two months, but l happened to be looking through your comments. Yes she always will be my little girl, no matter what. BPD manifests usually in the late twenties, though some are experiencing it earlier. At first thought a cross between Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia, BPD is now a stand alone illness. There are 9 criteria to BPD. K has seven. Depression, anxiety, fear of abandonment, abuse of any kind, there are many triggers. It is cureable, medication can also help. It’s a tough road. Thank you for reading my posts. I hope soon to return. Take care.

      • I haven’t written much these past few months and have read even less, so I’m doing a bit of catching up. That’s amazing to know BPD can heal. I’m starting to believe that depression can too. It may always be a weakness, but doesn’t have to be the controlling force. I was clicking back through some old posts and remembered your blog was one I enjoyed reading a lot. So much honesty and also your poems are beautiful.

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