Chat Time

I haven’t written for a little while or read many posts.

Pop had another fall last Tuesday.

He was getting out of bed, stood up eventually with the help of his bed stick, then he felt dizzy and hit the floor.

Luckily he had his medi alert necklace on and hit the buzzer.

He then lay on the bedroom floor, with mum completely unaware for 10 minutes that he was calling out for her. The house is reasonably large for the two of them and she was up the other end. The only reason she found out, was going to answer the door, to the police, who received the call from the monitoring people if no one else can attend.

I was phoned just before 6am,  as was my brother. Finally when I rang my penguins home, the police answered saying he was conscious, alert and an ambulance was on the way.

He was admitted to the local Hospital (the same one mumma penguin attended). They started fiddling with his medication, to try and strengthen his legs but this has increased his tremors. Friday morning I spoke to him over the phone and he was hallucinating. He thought he was in his bedroom at home and wondered why someone had painted his walls blue and yellow. He thought his bidet that he just had installed was removed to be moved into the hospital toilet.

Mum and I went in to visit him and he talked in his sleep. That night at 7 he was transferred to a Rehab  Hospital. He has a private room and a TV and is to remain there, possibly for a week or so until he gains his strength.

Mumma  P is coping, lonely, but brother P is caring for her.

Mr. S  and I went in for almost 3 hours this afternoon. I fed him his dinner as he was struggling getting the food into his mouth. He seemed in good spirits when I left.