Wrapped mind


My thoughts
collect on tissue paper
I see them bleed
without parameters
tear them up
place each one on paper
wrap in ribbon
no index required
I’ll grab the one I need

I created
let me choose
I don’t need them spiralling
out of control
I want them segmented
so there’s a chance
to breathe in between
to monitor
in my time

As each one unfolds
I’ll face them
when I’m ready
if not
the ribbon
is at hand

Copyright JMTacken 26.1.2015

36 thoughts on “Wrapped mind

  1. Did you know I wrap things in ribbon? Things for later, precious things, memories, poems. I want to write a letter to myself, to my girls, seal it with wax, wrap in ribbon and keep for later. What a lovely post, so apt for how I’m feeling. Not so great these few days.
    Love you sweetheart

    • No I didn’t and thank you for sharing darling. As soon as I read seal it with wax, you took me back to the 18th Century. Shall email you..love you too and hugs across the waters. πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ xxx

    • If only we could in reality, instead of having them swirling endlessly. Thank you lovely I wish for dancing thoughts that drift on the breeze and not the heavy ones I have right now. πŸ’›πŸ’™ xx

  2. First, I hope that your father is feeling better now, regaining his strength.

    I am seeing a synchronicity in your writing lately. The imagery is seen through your words, and evokes a feeling, making your readers understand it all in its true context. I loved the first stanza. It has a slight tone of detachment despite of the personal action of arranging the clutter of your thoughts on tissue papers as you tear and wrap them in a ribbon. Intriguing.

    • Thank you Anmol, he is still in Hospital and weak, but they are now working on him to try and gain more strength, thank you at first I didn’t know if the first stanza would work, but I never plan or edit or rewrite usually. First thing that is in my head is written, so that is how it was to be. My writing is very similar of late agreed..hopefully I can write on different subject matter soon… Appreciate you reading my friend.

  3. Were there any comments for your last post? I hope I am not hallucinating! ha ha! I was sorry to hear about your father, sorry I was not able to get to your post over the weekend. Strange things sometimes occur with the internet. But even as I pressed my cursor upon your face/gravatar, I was not able to get it to send me to you, Jen.
    This post is lovely but captures your wide range of emotions and thoughts. I can see how it would make you feel like crying, bleeding and maybe not wishing to even respond at all. Blank sheets of tissue paper….My hugs sent to you, Jen. Although I was not here you were in my heart and mind over the weekend!

    • No you weren’t hallucinating, I turned the comments off, but I thank you for your thoughts. He’s still in hospital, unable to walk unaided. Hugs Rob and thank you for thinking of me, appreciated. πŸ’› xx

      • You are welcome, sometimes my blurry eyes don’t always make the best sense out of things, so glad you told me this to most people, it would be obvious! Huh? I am hoping he is following some of the exercises and the therapy suggestions. Hoping to regain his strength. I remember your Mum being quite funny, flirting with the patients. You have your ‘hands and heart full’ Jen! I will also keep you and Mr. S. in my prayers, lovey!

      • Pop is in a private room, no flirti as he isn’t allowed to walk to the common room by himself. He stands and basically can’t move at the moment. Thank you darling appreciated πŸ’› xx

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