The tap drips
forming a pool beneath
plink plink
alive divided strings
seeking the river bed
it doesn’t pump
working its way
like sound exploring veins

We who are inspired
feel the branches
from the scratches of ink
coloured in circles
lines letter like
those who have learnt
read the beats
the chords

It could be a simple sound
it could be an orchestra

Copyright JMTacken 24.2.2015

I’m not sure what this means, I just wrote it.


27 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Sometimes those words are pounding in our heads for what ever reason. And they are there for a reason. I really felt pulled to this
    “We who are inspired
    feel the branches
    from the scratches of ink”

    I relate to being inspired by scratches of ink, and sometimes what grows out of them.

  2. Loved it. Welcome back lovely, “scratches of ink” is my favorite line. I’m still scratching, my ink feels dried up, I felt these words.
    Thank you for re- sending the message darling, reply on its way.

    • Thank you for your comment my lovely. Thank you for telling me your favourite line too. I’m the same, I have so much going on, writing has been put on the back burner..reading..commenting..thinking straight! You’re welcome glad you received you xxxx

  3. I somehow missed this post, which was awhile ago. Better late than never, I guess. I felt this to be such a musical and lyrical poem. The sounds of your words flowed and the drips and drops made impressions on my mind. Jen. Hugs xox

  4. the best ones aren’t supposed to be exact, don’t you think? they’re meant to be multi-planed, have depth and even confusion… ~

    • Hello ‘M’, I see that you have been doing quite a bit of reading ☺️ Thank you for the follow and all your lovely comments, which I shall get too soon. Re the above.. I will go with your theory as I was and am completely baffled. Good to ‘see’ you now too 😌

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