Don’t close your eyes


Where do you go to escape
if trapped amongst the evil
a maze of doors and corridors
confronting you

Do you sense what’s lurking
feel the chill cut into the
words you speak out loud
hoping to allay your fears

The full moon hangs in the
darkness as wind whistles
breaking the rhythm of your

was it…
her cloak folding
around the corner

are they…
no human form

Who intervenes
when the living contact
those who have screamed
their path to death

Compelled to know
their lives
perhaps at risk to theirs
evidence at what cost

Let the cold night wind
break your heart beat
keep the doors closed
evil has its secrets

Copyright JMTacken 5.3.2015

Perhaps I shouldn’t watch the show Haunted, when it’s dark outside…

25 thoughts on “Don’t close your eyes

  1. Something weighs heavy on your mind? This poems makes me think of a room with no door your stuck in. No matter how you touch and feel the walls for an exit, there is no escape. Dear Jen. ❀ ❀

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