We all have ‘stuff’


They walk through crowds
heads bowed
unable to verbalise
their hurt

Some cover with fake smiles
whilst others openly weep
small pieces begin to break
the broken us

We all have ‘stuff’

Some breathe through it
others struggle for breath
hiding easier than facing
denying what they feel

Problems are just that
the size no consequence
to those who suffer
for we are individual

We all have ‘stuff’

A smile ~ a tear
withdrawing or talking
inner screams or outer
we all need to be heard

To be given support
having that shoulder
let us not cry alone

It’s like the carousel that
……. Will not stop
……. We go around with our ‘stuff’
……. In the hope we are heard
……. We have a voice
……..Let us use it

Copyright JMTacken 10.3.2015
Photo Credit
Tears –

25 thoughts on “We all have ‘stuff’

  1. Pain is personal. You cannot weigh it or package it or tell anyone it’s silly to worry over. So many people suffer in silence and alone. That must hurt even more. Your poem lays it out so well. ❀

  2. So many people hide their pain very well. How do we reach out to them before they cry out to us? That is always the dilemma. Thank you for this thought-provoking and poignant poem.

  3. Excellent post with a lovely expression of how we don’t always know what burdens others carry around them. I am glad blogging helps us to find those who may need an extra hand, hug or hope given. There are times, like when I wrote last Saturday about the phone call I was not sure if I should answer. I chose not to. Heartbreak is a source of music, songs, and poetry. Whole books, like “Dr. Zhivago” and “The Once and Future King” (“Camelot” and King Arthur stories) along with ones in the ancient tomes in museums all hold pain and anguish. I felt this was deep and so brutally honest, Jen.

    • Thank you sweetheart, no we don’t see what pain that at times can be hidden. You are right also about music and tomes, thank you as I had not thought of those. Thank you for your thoughts πŸ’œ xx
      Sorry for my late reply, been a little busy..

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