Play the blues
I’ll sit cross legged on the floor
eyes closed
as the saxophone infiltrates
my bones

I’ll just be in the moment
not letting thoughts of yesterday
interfere with thoughts of tomorrow

I’ll let them slide like the
trombone in the distance
for who I am tomorrow is
what I experience today

Copyright JMTacken 30.3.2015

If only mindfulness came easy to me.

36 thoughts on “Blues

  1. A work in progress is what I am darling, being mindful isn’t easy but I try to practice every day, even when I drive. Just watch and wait and watch some more, do absolutely nothing. Let’s watch together.
    Such a beautiful photo and poem.
    Love you

  2. Mindfulness is daunting at first, the more you practice it the easier it becomes, but at first you feel no reward.

    Distractions are what often makes it fail, but it is because of distractions that you often want to succeed with it. It is going to happen slowly, give it lots of time. Practice it all the time, in tiny ways. When you open a door.. feel the door knob, the texture, the tiny vibration as you turn the knob slowly, the sounds it makes, when you pull the doo, the tiny resistance, the creak, the pressure change or the draft on your face as it opens, the smells in the new room, the feeling of space, new sounds, a clock ticking, a carpet under your feet.

    When you concentrate on a task, as simple as getting out of a chair, with total absorption, apply massive awareness, other thoughts begin to slip away, your mind is focused on only what you are allowing. Soon you can create your own peace.

    For you Mumsy, write a poem, feel each word, picture it. Do it on paper, feel the pencil sliding across the paper, the noise it makes as your words paint a picture in your mind, paint a scene, smell your words, feel them, when you write the bark of a tree, see the deep texture, feel it in your mind, then smell the earthiness of it.


  3. It’s difficult to shut life out when trying to meditate. External noises and thoughts intrude as if to prevent it. I find yoga helps, with its repetition of movement, until gradually, at the end, there’s a lovely empty, silent space. Hanging on to it is another matter mind you. :/ We keep on practising, Jen.x

    • I have done meditation once or twice and quite susceptible to getting in the moment, but that’s lying down and thinking of blue ocean and golden sands. Much easier than having to cease during an activity to concentrate on being in the moment. Practice makes perfect. Thanks hun 😌 x

  4. To be perfectly honest I don’t think that mindfulness comes easy to anyone… I sometimes think it’s the awareness and process of trying to achieve ‘mindfulness’ that actually helps…you know, sort of grounding and a bit comforting perhaps? Love your poem,

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