Chat time update

Hello everyone,

Yes it’s Chat update time.

Tomorrow in my neck of the woods it’s Good Friday, this afternoon Mr. S are going away ..(yes again) for a 4 day break. He’s so good to me, knowing the stress I go through. Again another destination that I don’t know. Surprise surprise! All I know is it’s 3 hours drive from here.

K saw her Neurologist yesterday, the results of the EEG and MRI showed nothing..diagnosis Epilepsy. If she doesn’t have another seizure from now till August she can drive again. She must stay on the medication however for 2-5 years 😒

MummaΒ & Pop Penguin are doing okay, considering. Pop still weak and this morning he fell backwards, luckily he was in the bed. Pop my brother and I went to view an Aged Care home yesterday. The task begins, we were shown around and of course having an open day, all the staff were smiling and saying hello and I wondered if if this is how they normally are. Or is a show of sorts. So much is written about the lack of care in these facilities that naturally I worry.

Driving him home, I thought we are actually doing this, putting them in a home, that they aren’t used to, that’s unfamiliar. Pop doesn’t mind, mumma on the other hand, I’m sure her wings will be flappin’!

It is their safety and well being that is paramount of course, along with my and my brothers peace of mind that we do this.

I have 2 services next week I think they will be my 66th (funerals) still have wobbly knees about conducting marriages, at this point.

Well good folk, I’m all packed (yet again enough to last me 3 weeks) let alone 4 days.

I may write if the urge overwhelms me whilst I am away. Take care all of you, have a wonderful Easter. Drive carefully and I hope the Easter Bunny delivers!

Love you all,



24 thoughts on “Chat time update

  1. Have a HUGE break and great fun. Do look after YOU. I learned some time ago to do this, not only for my own good, but as well for those around me. ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. so happy for your getaway and good that k is maintaining – as for the penguins, drop on on a regular day at the assisted living care facility to get a feel for what life is really like there. in my experience they range all over the place from excellent to poor and it’s pretty much dependent on the people who work there and who is running it. you’ll find that once there, it will become their home, they get used to the comfort of routines and people and knowing what to expect, though it may take your mother a bit longer. but at least you won’t worry about them 24/7, they’ll be watched and cared for and you can visit or take them on a short trip out, without worrying about leaving them alone when you return them home. it’s a process, my mother put a curse on me, but i knew it was the best and eventually she settled in and relaxed. know it won’t be smooth but will be good for all in the long run. have a wonderful. wonderful trip and a beautiful easter!

    • Unfortunately on the open day, we found that is has tight security. So I couldn’t go in, to check things out without having a loved one in there, or make an appointment. 😞 oh dear about the curse! I am sure M Penguin will do the same. I just watched a video about ALZ, saying taking them out of their environment will make the disease progress quicker… I have no choice, as its pop who needs the 24/7 and mum won’t let him go anywhere alone. I sit now outside as the sun starts to go down, looking across at the’s been relaxing and much needed. A happy EASTER to you too darling. Hugs 😘

  3. I’m glad “K”s scans were clear Jen. I hope the meds continue to work for the epilepsy. What a scary journey this has been, I so hope and pray this is relief for her. I hope you have a restful, yet active! time away of fun and cheer. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you C, yes a scary time and I hope that in 5 months she will be able to drive again and gain some freedom. We are relaxing, sitting in the sun as it begins to set right now. Our activity has been walking so far… Sure that will change.. Lol πŸ˜‰

  4. I hope all will go as it should, Jen. The process was one which broke a little bit of my Mom’s heart and my brothers and I knew this, too. We feel she is overall safer, has made friends, loves some of the things about it, but as I point out to her, she doesn’t have to cook, shovel snow, carry a lot of groceries in, she can shop, enjoy the facilities or ask for her meals ‘to go’ and take them back to her apartment.
    So glad you have Mr. S and an Easter trip planned. I know it will be like jumping back into the swing of things, as some of us do have to face our work and challenges once we get back from mini-vacations. Or, in my case, driving up to Cleveland takes only 2 and a half hours, dropping oldest daughter and boys at my brother and sister in law’s house, then, over to Mom’s. Shopping on Saturday, meal with family later in day, while we then will be turning around and leaving at noon or one p.m. on Easter, getting back for Easter egg hunt and meal with my son, his wife and family. Rushing around is sometimes wearing but always blessing to be with family and treasure my times with my Mom. Your mum and poppa penguin, you, Mr. S and both your daughters will be in my prayers this weekend, Jen. xoxo

  5. Hello darling, reading everything backwards as usual. I should’ve begun with this post. I’m happy K’s results were positive. The biggest positive being that she will hopefully be driving once again. It is scary to have that taken away I’m sure. I have lots to say about aged care facilities, which is why my half written email, must be fully written soon πŸ™‚ Mum may fight it, but eventually it will become the new norm and hopefully bring her peace of mind, not make things worse.
    66 funerals. Wow! so proud of you.
    Ooooh, so your break was good, I just read that it was, ha! ha! I’m so funny. I’m glad you got away.
    Mr S is a sweetheart.
    love you

    • It doesn’t matter if your reading backwards, I’m happy that you read. Still in the process of looking I to the homes. Pop today when I visited after the funeral, couldn’t lift his legs to walk. He went to the doctor this evening and had two vitamin B injections😒 I just feel he will be wheelchair bound soon. Mum is still..well just being mum, not realising what is happening. Yes the break was good, you made me laugh. Yes 66 at the end of this week, one this morning, one tomorrow morning, one on Friday… Tired. Mr.S is definitely a sweetheart – thank you. Waiting for your email and I love you too 😘😘

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