I called your name you turned
the hurt in your eyes resembled bruises
your mouth a wound that could not speak

I cried in vain, my apologies
fell around your feet sweeping away
in the wind that also had taken your trust

I reached out, my hand locking your elbow
as I felt you pull away
please ….don’t

my words in staccato
the notes sombre held no meaning
and you walked, my grip released

my feet held in sand as the water
drew from my ankles
the rush unbalancing my stance
as your silence did my heart

Copyright J Tacken 11.4.2015

34 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Jen, this is so poignant. I don’t write poetry any more (did so in school only), so I am in awe of those who can do it, so emotionally and penetratingly. This paints a vivid picture, illustrated so well by the photograph you chose.

      • I might. My husband is the most unsentimental human being on earth. I am always afraid of being ridiculed by him and his family about anything emotional, hence my circumspection on the internet. A huge family of boys (6 of them and one very princessy girl) means constant ribbing and pranking, apparently, even in their forties and fifties!

      • Well we can’t have that. I’m not an expert, I just write what I feel at the time, or what the elusive ‘muse’ tells me. If you wish to email me though with anything you come up with, I’d be more than happy to critique, assist, guide? 🙂

  2. Silence and non-responsiveness makes me ‘freeze’ where I am standing so this feeling of the sand and how it unbalances your stance in this beautiful poem resonated with me. Hugs xoxo

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