Chat time – today



get there

they aren’t there

phone – where are you?

can you make some viewing appointments?

3 Aged care facilities

Penguins & brother to meet me

they run late

i get lost

i finally locate to see no car parking

feathers ruffled

i phone brother tell him nope

had enough not bothering

look up next one

read some reviews, two deaths from

falling in the showers

phone brother

another nope a big nope this time

one more for the day

we arrive

indian family run the facility

showed us around

pop seated in a wheelchair for quicker coverage

mumma chugging along with her walker

place is clean

unlike the last place


low care – high care and beyond

double room vacant you say?


hmm that’s doable, after selling their home 😞

when do you need to know by?


as in this Friday?


come home

ate two chocolate ice creams

comfort food?

transition time

let the battle begin!


42 thoughts on “Chat time – today

  1. Oh I hear what you are going through as we have been through this too. You tell the story so well in these snippets. Hope things work out, Jenny.

  2. It is a very hard proposition finding the right place. I could share some horror stories from our family’s experiences, but I won’t burden you with them as they are just anecdotal. I know you will eventually find a good, clean, caring place. Bon courage Jen, as the French say. xx

  3. Well you know I’m all for the chocolate ice creams. They often a much needed source of comfort in my home. Were they magnums by any chance? I miss my magnums. Were they the double chocolate coated ones? oh okay, moving along then..
    I know how difficult this is for you my lovely. You will decide when your instinct finds the place, and you know mum and pop can be happy there.
    My aunt( a massage therapist at elderly home in Sydney) used to say, you know how well a place is run by the happy faces that greet you, where an active social life, music and game nights along with a library kept everyone in good spirits, even if physically it was a challenge. She would often check bathrooms and the kitchen as well.
    Thinking of you

    • Yes and I do and err yes. magnums coffee ones…nom nom nom 😏 my instincts are saying this one All we saw were people sitting in seats in their activity rooms watching the telly, but it was mid afternoon, when most are sleeping. They have outdoor and indoor activities, a library, physiotherapist, hairdresser. Their ratio is 3 staff to 6 residents (the other place was 3 to 42!) they can have input into the menu, they have a resident meeting to advise management of any concerns. It all sounds too good to be true, but everyone was smiling. Their ensuite is large modern and new and they showed us the kitchen which was clean. Thank you..two days for decision… Love you πŸ’š xxx

  4. I love this very much, Jen. I think you got the hang of it and did a terrific job of capturing how hectic, how strange and worrisome looking at the homes for the elderly can be, along with horrible reviews and the comfort of a double chocolate ice cream. Momma and Poppa, brother, and YOU are in my prayers, my dear one! xoxo

      • I think your parents may rebel, but if you find a place you are comfortable in, you will find it so much better on them, first of all. Then, second, on YOU, since it does help me to worry less about my Mom. They call my brother, she loses things, then finds them, she writes nasty letters to the administration then gives them boxes of candy. I think they understand the ways her mind goes this way and that. I would live there, Jen. This is how you must feel when you find the ‘proper’ place, then don’t look back! (I mean this!)
        Take care and hugs sent your way, Robin

    • It must be terrible, but satisfying once they find a place they are happy with. I wish I knew, it’s not only the stress on our elderly, or the family, but the financial burdens also πŸ˜” xx

      • That is exactly what I hear. And it is a scary process. The not knowing. But on the other side of it Jen, I am amazed (happily) at how many have said once they find the placement, how much of a difference it has made in their lives. The care is suddenly not just in a few hands but MANY. And family can start to enjoy being family again.

  5. Heartache for sure. We are there too. Decisions I never thought about having to make. You are doing the right thing…I tell you and me at the same time. Are we? Ugh. Heartache.

    • Yes we are, we have to be. Mum thinks I want to lock her and throw away the key, it’s not going to get easier. Selling the house, all their furniture. This is for their safety and our sanity and health also. Ugh indeed. xxx

  6. Frantic pace and mind, Jen. Two might not cover the rest of the week but the right outcome will present for sure. Sending lots of good vibes for a positive outcome. Hugs.x

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