Thursday Chat time

I don’t normally watch TV in the afternoon, but I finished a Service early afternoon. Started cooking my slow cooked lamb with pistachio dressing (and if anyone would like this recipe just yell)

So I sat down and watched Dr.Phil.

A 22 year old mother with 4 children, (pregnant with her fifth) the oldest child 14 is in jail for beating and damaging internally her 2 year old daughter, whilst she had her hands superglued to the wall!

a mother in jail for abusing her teenage son, because he wasn’t doing his homework, so as an dded extra, ‘mommy dearest’ as punishment said “Let loose your Gerbil (hamster) or kill it”.  So she handed him a hammer, which he used to do just that!

a mother who sold her one month old baby for $15,000  because she wanted to take her other 2 children to Disneyland!?

I sit here dumbfounded, totally aghast…I mean seriously?

The excuses given, the “Oh I blanked out” ….

I’m disgusted.

the teenager who killed his hamster, just wants his mum back from jail and blames himself because he should have done his homework..he will need therapy.

the mother in jail who superglued her babies hands and abused her …I have no pity for her what so ever.

the mother who sold her denial that she charged any money for him, she was just giving him to a friend, but as she was short of money ..the friend would give her what she needed. Her son is now in Foster Care.

What on earth is happening world?


As another update to the Penguin situation.

my brother and I told Pop, the words, must come from your mouth.

he spoke to Mumma P last night and as of then she agreed.

Havent heard today .. Will keep you posted.


27 thoughts on “Thursday Chat time

    • So many theories Tess! food, preservatives? Peoples circumstance when younger. Was it not documented or noticed as it is now? I don’t know, I just know it’s cruel and disheartening. I’m now watching a show where volunteers came to a house of a husband and wife in England and renovated her home. She’s wheelchair bound, her doctors telling her she wanted talk or walk. He’s her’s beautiful to watch something positive in the world after what I saw this afternoon.
      Thank you darling ..tomorrow is the day..mum I think has agreed, but how she is that can change in a blink of an eye. It’s going to tough on everyone, but we know it is for the best. Hugs my friend 💜💙💚

  1. Ugh, there are some children out there that have a terrible time, often because their parents need help and do not realize this. It is so sad. Then the children need help too.

    Will the home allow for a vacation type stay to see how they like it? Many places here will do that.

  2. I can’t watch much tv any more Jen. Certainly not these shows where they parade this madness across our screens. What is that doing to help? How is that helping those children? I don’t get it.

    • Fortunately in a way apart from the teenager, the others were tiny and unaware that their story is being broadcasted to the world. Unfortunately they will when they are older. I know Dr.Phil and similar shows are just wanting ratings. It’s sad all around.

    • It was so sad to know that this goes on in the world, still have fingers crossed over here and thank you yay! Mr. S said it was fantastic and the best lamb he’s had. We are metric so I’m not sure what the imperial would be 😕

      2kg leg of lamb bone in
      6 cloves of garlic
      1/2 cup red wine vinegar
      1/4 cup brown sugar
      Rind of one orange
      2 sticks cinnamon

      Place all the above in a baking dish and cover with foil.
      Preheat oven to 180C..350F
      Cook for 5- 5 1/2 hours, take foil off last 20 mins, spoon over the juices.
      Stick fork in the lamb it should fall away.

      Pistachio dressing:
      1/4-1/2 cup honey
      1 tblsp red wine vinegar
      1/2 cup pistachios chopped small but not fine
      1- 2 cups flat leaf parsley roughly chopped

      Mix all together
      Serve lamb topped with the dressing or on the side.
      Hope you enjoy 😊

  3. Oooh I have to try it for chicken – delicious.

    Okay what is happening in the world? so sad, yet what goes on here. Every item on the news ( I do know it has to be sensationalised) is about something like this. Oh yesterday it was about safety on a plane- not from terror threats, not from pilots who are drunk or airlines skipping mechanical checks – I am traveling on this airline soon, sigh. But from those who grope women. When falling asleep on red eye flights apparently gropers seem to enjoy harassing people. Where does it stop?
    And then the Starbucks bathroom which had a camera attached to the sink was a new low.

    Sometimes I want to come back.!!
    Oh I hope it’s good news with Pop and mum.
    Love you

  4. First of all, Hurray! So glad Poppa let Momma know it is okay to go live in a place where their are extra protections and hope this all works out.
    Oh, my dear Jen. When I get a chance to watch t.v., I watch the ones who are making homes into palaces, the Hallmark channel or Law and Order, since Justice is sometimes ‘served’ on these shows. Not always.
    At lunch, my table used to sit through the “Price is Right” but we all come later, adjusting to see fifteen minutes of P is R and then, the news. We discuss those who hurt children and have no mercy on these, those who prey on elderly, again no mercy. But fearful of the stories, seemingly more rampant. I have heard it is due to video games, technology and our being disconnected, but my Mom who can be rather ‘sage’ or lucid’ from time to time, says, “There was always evil in this world, we just didn’t give it so much coverage!” Wow! Maybe we should do this, stop letting these bad people get all of our time, poisoning our mind. Just mete out the punishment and give up on the subject.
    On the other hand, like others here, I do feel sympathy for those being raised by ‘bad’ or poor examples of mothers. I really do. I wish we could help them all to find good homes and give them therapy and help, too. Hugs, Robin

    • Still in the air a little with M ad. p Penguin, I’m afraid, it’s only mum who is creating obstacles. Yes totally agreed that we give too much popularity or credence to those who do evil. Too much publicity can incite others. Yes we all must have sympathy for the little ones who suffer and can only hope that they grow up unscarred. Hugs xx

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