Between deep sleep and waking
the world not yet woken
my thoughts still rest
behind eyelids closed

Are the suns arms reaching
through branches, their greenery
beckoning at my window for
I cannot see outside just yet

Pull back the covers, unwrap
my body from the cocoon of night
that sheltered words that spun
until I become aware

My heart beat quickens

It is alright to cry

Copyright JMTacken 20-4-2015

I am contemplating writing about Mumma and Pop Penguin’s transition and life from moving out of their home and into Aged Care.
I do not know if to put as another ‘Chat Time’, or to create a new blog, (as I’m not sure how often I will write, or whether it will be constant) would appreciate your thoughts?


17 thoughts on “Waking

  1. I would love if you shared here. If you create another blog, let us know, and I will go there too 🙂 It is a challenging time along life’s journey. Cherish the moments, and take the journey a step at a time! HUGS!

  2. I look forward to reading about the intricacies of the transition to Aged Care. Since you don’t know how often you’ll be posting, why not do it here. Save yourself extra stress of a new blog, but if you start a new blog, give out the new addy. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. this promises to be a journey, for all of you. my suggestion would be to contain it somewhere within this blog, so you do not take on any more work and people already know where to find you. hugs )

  4. I would love to see their story on your blog, here, darling. You can dedicate a chapter( category) to Mum and Pop, and we can walk in their shoes together as they transition into aged care, we can cry with you, laugh and hug you when you most need it, I could hold your hand sometimes if you’d like. I would follow you if you decide on a new blog of course, but I think Mum and Pop belong here, with all of us. We know their story and love them.

  5. I like the idea of a page, or tab, here Jen. It would be so much easier (I think) for you to manage. I hope you do write. It might be a way to give and get information. And I’m sure you will write some beautiful prose of your parents.

  6. I agree with what’s already been said, Jen. They’re part of you. A dedicated page sounds easiest. Whatever you decide, and I can understand why you might want or need some separation in this writing, do whatever’s best for you and let us know.x

  7. That’s a brilliant idea, why not just start a new page for it then it will be on this blog but separate! … The poem above is stunning that moment before you have to give in and open up to reality! xxxxx

  8. I enjoyed savoring your sleep and how you slowly arose to the day, Jen. So sorry, stress and life keeps coming ‘at you,’ with many tears shed.
    I think you are so creative, you should come up with a catchy post name. I would save “Chat Time” for general news and your new posts about aged care and your parents could have a different title. We would ‘tune in’ no matter what, Jen. Excellent idea, one which will bring a whole different group of people here, I believe. Hugs and love, Robin

  9. Love the poem, I treasure that time I am awake but not yet into the day… good luck will all the changes around you, I am having some different ones but any change is unsettling if happening to you or your loved ones.

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