Chat time – Update – 3 months on

If it rains, lift your head aginst the drops
Try to catch the light splintering through the dark
For it is there, it can be found

Hello everyone, it has been so long since I have been here.
I have missed the camaraderie.
Life has been so busy, that reading posts, or even the thought of writing one has been daunting.

The update is that my penguins health is not too good, especially poppa penguin. He has had a cough, antibiotics and now fluid on the lungs. We are waiting for the results of the XRay from last week.
He can hardly walk now, nerve endings gone on the souls of his feet, partially due to his diabetes, which is controlled by diet only.
Next month he is to have an MRI on his spine and legs, as his new Neurologist thinks there is more in his lack of ability to walk, than Parkinson’s.

Mumma penguin, has had her moments, slowly settling, but with Alzeihmers, we now grasp the good moments and suffer the bad and angry along with her. My brother had to have their room phone disconnected over night, each night, due to her incessant phone calls to him, demanding her things from home, such as hand mixers, or electric frypan, both she cannot use in the home.

Daughter K, is still living with Mr. S and I and still unable to work till the end of the year, or more. From the last seizures in June, her short term memory is still affected. She cannot remember what happens the day before, we are hoping that this will improve. The doctor thinks possibly 3 months or more.
The light at the end of the tunnel, is she is starting to feel and be stronger about herself and her life and no more thoughts or actions about ending it. The morning that I ran into her room to find an empty bottle of pills on her floor, took ten years off me.
No longer going out with J, she has signed up for some dating websites over here and is starting to meet people (men) in the hope of finding her true love. She has already been out on two dates within a week.

Me? In July I had my 60th birthday, another little milestone that was overcome. A fellow WP writer and good friend, Michael, came from interstate to join in the celebrations, which I was greatful for, in so many ways.

I’m up to 87 funeral services and have met with the couple whom I will be marrying in October on a boat and written the ceremony.

Life does go on doesn’t it, what we experience, what we feel, what we see. At times it got the better of me, but with supportive friends I got through.

Although I have had a lot of rain….light is splintering through.

Sharing some photos
1. Pop with my great niece Mia, at her 1st birthday.
2. Pop presenting mum with a new wedding ring, as her old one was cut off many years ago.
3. K and I in Noosa QLD a couple of weeks ago. A vacation with Mr. S.
4. Horseriding in Noosa.

Miss you



40 thoughts on “Chat time – Update – 3 months on

  1. How lovely to have you drop in! The photos are lovely, The penguins are looking good though I realize things with them are not good! K and you are looking good. So lovely to hear your news and to know you are okay! Big hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. it is so beautiful to see you and your family again, jen. i am so happy that you have made it through this challenging time and are seeing some positives again. there will be more hills and valleys to come, but this shows that you get through most anything and find the grace to continue. i can’t wait for it to be your 100th wedding, you’ll be having your own celebration, that the bridal party won’t even be aware of. good to see you back, i’ve really miss you –

    • Hello my sweet Beth, I have missed you and your friendship very much. Yes sadly the hills and valleys will be deep, but I think (hope) to get through them when I face them. 100th wedding, oh I don’t know if that will happen, need to get the 1st done without too much drama first ☺️ So happy to read your words. ❤️ xxxx❤️

  3. What a lovely surprise, Jen, to see your name in my emails. You’ve been missed but I understand only too well how life – family, work – take precedence over everything else. You’re under pressure on so many fronts but, as Beth said, you find the grace and strength to go on. I’m glad you’re beginning to see some light among the trials – what would we do without it?
    Take care of yourself as well as all those you care for. Sending you love and prayers for the light to grow. xxx

    • Hello AM and thank you for your warm welcome. Yes something had to give, so slowly now I hope to come back,. Trying to write a book also about mums Alzeihmers, so life has been frantic to say the least. Thank you for your love and prayers, let there be light and more of it ❤️ xxx

      • That’s an excellent venture, Jen! What a help that would be to others in the same situation.
        Bit by bit, you’ll be back, as life eases – it can’t sustain the same pace forever. Hugs, missus, and I look forward to seeing more of you

  4. Hello Jenn!!!! It’s good to see you but I am so sorry for all of the difficult times. It sounds like you have all gotten through together. That is a blessing. I love the pictures. And how beautiful, that love is what keeps us going even in the most difficult times. ❤

  5. Dear Jen, I missed your ramblings, chat times and YOU. One of a kind!
    I hope you will realize we all missed you, hope our wishes will bring you strength and any time you need a break, we will be cheering you on.
    I am happy seeing the photos. You and K. Look like a beautiful Mom and daughter. Momma and Poppa Penguin are going to make it together.
    Growing old is not for sisdies, is kind of my “mantra” instead of a sunnier favorite quote. I will be joining the “60 is the new 40” group in November.
    I had a scare and a delight in the past 3 weeks, Jen. Mom shattered her hip and had surgery with “puzzle pieces and titanium” (the surgeon used this phrase.) My son, James, had his first son, an “oops!” baby. They are thrilled but this makes it 5 kids (in their combination family)! He is the sole breadwinner and yet, they have learned how to live on a shoe string. I made a picture for them to hang up,”We ain’t got a barrel of money, . . . Travel along, side by side.” 🙂 Keep your chin up and your family will be in my prayers. ♡

    • I’m smiling, an original huh? Thank you for the warm welcome and support. It’s nice to know my friends are still here. Oh your poor mum! I hope she recovering ok? Congrats to your son on the birth of his ‘oops’ son. At least there’s a boy now! They must be doing it tough, raising one child is very expensive now, let alone 5. I will try and thank you lovely ❤️ xx

  6. Jenn, this was a good update and it is so lovely to have you back. Your parents look wonderful. I hope their health will stabilize. I am heartened to hear of your daughter’s improvement. I am struck by how you all look alike. I can see your Dad in your daughter’s face. You look too young to be a day over 40. Hugs and cheer and good wishes to you from here in California. ❤

    • How sweet are you, yes 60 is the new 40 I believe ☺️ Can you see dad? If I showed you a photo of her dad, you would probably see more of him, but it warmed my heart to read that. Thank you for the warm return from slightly miserable Melbourne!

  7. spring approaches, yes? and the winter doldrums will soon cease. I wish you the *very* best with the penguins, and K, and of course your mister – and btw, you are a fantastic 60! many happy returns…. ~

    • Yes it has arrived, though cold still…hoping..ever hoping for the sun to shine and with that the doldrums to disappear – thank you Michael that’s very kind of you, day by day, that’s all we can do. You made me blush! Thank you for your birthday wishes. Hope you and your family are well.

  8. I like how even when it rains you show how we can put our face up to catch splintering light. Gorgeous poetic expression, my dear one. I love this family of yours, too. Have a marvelous day!! ) )

    • You are just adorable. Thank you once again for your kindness and loving my family 😊 I guess you, as others know them pretty well by now. Have a wonderful day sweet, it’s night time here I promise I will tomorrow 😉 xx

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