Look Within


Allow the letters left by
troubled minds to seep into your soul
For there is passion in their strokes
honesty empowering
Love bends and breathes
just as their words


25 thoughts on “Look Within

  1. The written words of anyone who took the time and thought to put pen to paper mesmerize me, allowing me to imagine their lives and “plights.” Simply marvelous, Jen.
    I absolutely love the “passion in their (pen) strokes.”♡

  2. I agree that love bends and breathes . And at times we have to hold onto certain words, like carrying them in a pocket until we are ready for them.

    How have you been ma,am ?
    Hope your daughter and the penguins are well.

    • That we do X. Thank you for reading and much has happened, hence my absence from writing.

      Thank you, daughter is …getting there & the Penguins though frail, are hanging in there.
      I hope you and yours are well.

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