Sunset Tryst


She lounged like a snake along the chaise

her back nestled against embroided pillows

her djellaba regal hues of the earth and gold

her long brown legs rested upon each other

toenails red

sandlewood incense perfumed the air

wafting through the heavy hessian blanket

that draped across the chair

wall vessels hung, colours of the beach

holding cardamon and cloves rich in nature

mingling with the cinnamon infused lamb in the tajine

candles flickered across the ceiling, the wax dripped upon brass plates

and the music, the music, the sounds of the drum

the bendir and lute filled the space inside the walls

she waited for her lover, her senses already heightened

by the aromas….that intoxicated her

she sipped mint tea, slowly rubbing her feet together

waiting for the sun to set


copyright jtacken 19.9.2015

29 thoughts on “Sunset Tryst

  1. Oh I love. Where I went with what you created..Morocco, Egypt, alone, myself, was absolutely beautiful. Those colors and scents are in my life constantly, it felt like you created something for me. How glorious my lovely.. just so good. Keep going.

  2. I reveled in the details that set the exotic place far away from my every day world. That is what you did, Jen! You transported me to a faraway fantasy and I felt I was waiting for my special someone, lover, to arrive… ♡ ooh, so marvelous!

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