Havin a Chat ~ Chapter 5 ~ Shoulders and up – The End for now

So here we are, so much going on in this little area isn’t there?

The shoulders. I don’t know about everyone else but I think my shoulders are one of my better assets and if you have been reading Chapters 1-4 there isn’t much that I have raved about on this aging body of mine.

My shoulders don’t have lines that’s a bonus!

I do love to wear boat neck tops, ie those tops that go straight across the top of your boobs, so that you see your shoulders. They give women a certain Je Ne Se Qua. From there the majority of it ..well goes downhill a little.

Ok the turkey..I mean my neck, being created, I didn’t think I was going to end up as poultry.

Again the corrigated iron, just a different angle. I mean it’s mainly in the middle section, I guess it’s because I use my vocal chords a lot? I’ll stick with that. It’s fine if I walk around and never put my chin down, but sometimes in life you just have to look up.

Then we proceed upwards but veer off a little to the sides, ears. Another part of my anatomy that I wanted to hide from the world when I was a teenager, right up to my ffff..fffforties, then I just said stuff it. You see one ear, my right to be exact is slightly more protruding than my left, the bane of my younger years. That’s probably when my youngest K was born and she looked like a miniature dumbo that I had her ears surgically pinned back, she wasn’t going to suffer what I did, no sir-ee.

BUT as I said, when I hit my forties, I cast all fear aside and started to wear hairstyles where my ears showed (I know how brave of me) or how stupid I was. Ears don’t wrinkle ..jot that down.

OK back around to the mouth, what can you say about a mouth as you age, other than your lips becoming drier? Again moisturiser – sorry lip balm. The other issue of around the mouth are lines, yes I have them. We all have them and the good news is they won’t change, they will get worse. That’s what happens when you smile too much, or talk too much, so think carefully from now on in.

Up we go to the nose, my nose is a nose, not crooked, bent, too big, too small, it’s a nose and I don’t think it has changed in the 60 years, so hopefully yours won’t either.

Bare with me we are getting there, the cheeks, mine have pretty much stayed the same. I mean they haven’t moved….much, they don’t have lines, so not much report on cheeks.

Eyes oh the eyes, yes let’s hear it for the lines at the corners, the lines underneath, the fallen parts on the top. Eyeshadow now has to placed just so, in fact I learnt a tip whilst getting my professional makeup for my daughters B’s wedding.

As we age women (unless any of my male readers wear it of course) your eyeshadow should be from the outerlid to the centre, not all across anymore. It’s surprising how this opens your eyes up and hell knows as the skin starts to droop we need as much opening as we can get!

Eyelashes, the only thing I can say is that they loose their natural ability to curl when applying mascara. They say use an eyelash curler, that’s fine if you can see well enough to put the bloody contraption on.

Eyebrows, I’m not happy with mine, or what there is. Back in my teenage stupid years, it was the ‘in thing’ to pluck them, thing is us little group didn’t stop plucking, so that now instead of the ends being level against the line of my nose, they are quite a few millimetres in..ie missing, little did I know they weren’t going to grow back!  So unlike my ear bravery, I will not ..not have a fringe (bangs) as I need to cover them as much as possible.

Forehead..it’s a forehead, I have a reasonably permanent small frown line in the middle, that’s an age thing but for different reasons.

Hair, many styles, many colours over the years, of course the sparkly bits come through, but nothing a hairdressers appointment won’t fix.

Overall the jowls are saggier, I’m one of many who look in the mirror and hold the skin back to see how I used to look, same with the eyes.

You have seen the photo before, see how my fringe is trying to cover my eyebrows, the hair whisping over the ear. My head up at the right angle as to not show the iron?

In closing what can I say, us women who age have it lucky, we have moisturisers, face creams, loofahs, stockings to hold our flabby bits in, scarves to wrap around our necks. We have nail polishes to cover up unslightly nails. We have mascaras, eyeshadows  eyeliners, eyebrow pencils. You want it? In 2015 we have it.

I have contemplated face lifts but noooo.

I couldn’t bring myself to have Botox, as I’m scared of needles.

Many saying come to mind – It is what it is, beauty is only skin deep, there are many.

No one likes the aging process, all we can do is to embrace it the best way we know how. The years we have been here, the experiences we have lived through, tells through our skin.

I know more wrinkles will come, I’ll be covering up more parts of my body when they do. We can hide ourselves away, we can laugh about the process, for the time being I’ve chosen to do the latter.

Thank you for reading.


25 thoughts on “Havin a Chat ~ Chapter 5 ~ Shoulders and up – The End for now

  1. Thank you darling. I had seen the first one, the 2nd one was very interesting, particularly about energy and vibrantcy being in the body that you have and being true to yourself. I’m now a global elder I think 😊

  2. I am excited to see this playful hat situation and you look simply “loverly,” dear Jen! Using a word from Eliza Doolittle- : ) I love my shoulders but must try to stand up straighter!!
    The neck is a part of life but when on a straight path my brother told me to lean forward in the car grasping wheel and pretend their is an apple, grab it with you neck and pull chin down and back to upright deating. I have been driving a little far (when I taught 9 yes 40 minutes) and doing this since age 50. Just makes tummy tuck in and neck a bit firmer. My mouth looks like a smoker, which I have never done tobacco and years since the “wacky tobaccy!” (The 70’s- lol)
    Thanks for giving me the giggles now must head to work. Take care and have a sunny day. ♡

    • It was one very big hat! Thank you, I’d stand straighter if this back wasn’t playing up. I have heard of the Apple gripping thing or tennis ball. Sadly I am a smoker, but I guess considering that my lines aren’t really deep or bad. Snickering at the wacky backy. Enjoy your day at work, thank you, now the night has fallen. ❤️

  3. You look gorgeous in your finery and in your avi. The best bit about growing older (disgracefully) is not giving too much of a shit about what other people’s opinions are of us.
    I love that you’ve taken this humorous look at how we women evolve/revolve/dissolve/solve (!) our changes. When all’s said and done, we’ve got to love who we are and how we are. I do wish I’d had more confidnce when everything was where it started out and was meant to be. I’d tell my younger self to enjoy my shape/height/boobs/bum/looks no matter what my perception or anyone else’s. Unfortunately, my younger self was a bit of an arse when it came to self-confidence and wouldn’t have listened. I didn’t listen when my mum was reassuring the angst-ridden teenager – why would anyone listen to their mum telling them they were beautiful? Too much bias.
    Now, though, I’d do it differently. I catch myself offering reassurances to my children/teenagers/adults telling them the same things. Do they listen? Not a chance. Youth is truly wasted on the young.
    Now, I envisage my eighty year old self looking back at my current 54 year old self and try to imagine her telling me, ‘You look great!’ And now I’m listening. I’ve surely got to be looking better now than I will when I’m eighty! Surely?
    So, missus, get the glad rags on, shake your booty (feck which direction it travels in!) and enjoy. I’m gonna. 😉 x

    • How sweet are you thank you, that was a few moons ago now. What’s an avi? A hat? I should google but too lazy lol. I giggled at your what you said about your mum, of course they told us..tell us we are beautiful, though with mum how she is ..I get that’s a nice dress and that’s about it now. Youth wasted on the young …love It! Visualising my booty shaking sideways towards my knees. Thank you for reading all 5 chapters and commenting how you have, you’ve done very well! Bless ya cotton socks and the rest of ya 😘❤️😘

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