Havin a Chat – Part 4 ~ The hands and arms drama

Lets just get straight into it, no faffing around.

Finger nails, thankfully no ffffff, infections on mine. My toe could learn a thing or too.

My nails are in quite good nick still (there is a God!) they grow quite quickly, possibly too quickly, though they aren’t as white as they once were.

I don’t have manicures Β (or pedicures) I don’t know why, probably no pedicures, as I’m embarrassed to show my feet/toe.

Manicures? I have no excuses. I had one as I was going out somewhere very special one evening and I had a voucher given to me so I had a French manicure. I paint my own nails, I’m not a woman who goes to get gell, shellac or whatever else they do in those salons with the lady’s covered in a face mask.

The amount of little germs that must swarm around those places, sorry if anyone goes to them, anyway I digress (as I do). My fingers are reasonably long too. I know I should have been a concert pianist. I have one one small bump on one finger, ahh arthritis, yes that’s another thing you cop as you age. It can be extremely painful and I can feel when it starts to come on and can’t move my finger till it passes 😩 I should be taken aspirin everyday, but again..shoulda woulda theory.

I haven’t been a ‘must wear rubber glove’ kinda gal either, hot soapy water or using steel wool, painting, you name it bare hands, so perhaps that’s why I have non retractable skin on the back of them?

Arms needing more moisturiser, note to self. I’m hopeless in the moisturising department, but this summer I plan to be good

Elbows, what can I say they are the knees of the arms, the skin starting to fold over.

Upper arms…I’ll put an OMG here! As. I have as others may say “You’re arms are fine’ I don’t believe them!

I will only wear a singlet top of out walking, as no one will get too close. The front part of my arms I guess are still holding up, but when I have my arms at a certain angle…well I have mentioned corrigated iron before, so I’ll mention it again. Mainly when I bend my elbow a certain way, I can’t even bare to look at it.


Okay I feel slightly better now.

Next Chapter neck and face, I thank you for reading.

20 thoughts on “Havin a Chat – Part 4 ~ The hands and arms drama

  1. You have two arms and two hands Jen, both seem to me to be in good condition for a woman of your years….lol….you know no matter hard we try there’s always something about every bit of us we can express horror at…..now heads will be interesting…..

  2. I take it you mean ‘bingo wings’? No idea why they’re called that but children who say that you have them have obviously been poorly raised and should be made to sit on the naughty step till they learn the meaning of ‘respect your parents’. I don’t have enough steps here for the things my kids say to me, (remembering the bum comment) and I hope one day to get them back by being incontinent on their sofas in their fancy, schmancy houses. I’ve promised them this.
    Hands that do dishes, dipped themselves into sterilising fluid for babies’ bottles and generally thought of themselves as navvies are now incapable of being anywhere near any sort of household task without rubber gloves. I’m allergic to even perumed soap let alone washing up liquid so they need TLC to keep them from breaking down.
    I’d love to have had piano fingers (to go with my bingo wings) but I have my mum’s hard working, born on a bloody Saturday hands. But they’re really good at all sorts of different activities and crafts so I love them anyway. πŸ™‚

    • Yes bingo wings, but also my skin folds, it’s just not the toning bit 😟 Yes I remember the bum comment,meow very dare they lol, naughty steps are good *nods* laughing out loud at seeing on their sofas, OMG how hysterical would that be! I should wear gloves, but I’m at the point of saying at my age stuff it, what’s done is now done sadly. Love your expressions, born on a bloody Saturday hands, I’m glad you love them…high five to you lovely. 😘

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