For the love of dogs


This is Pepper. She is not ours unfortunately.

I mind dogs in my home, though I haven’t for a while since moving. I’ve been doing this for over 7 years, not being able in the past years to have another fur baby since we had to put our last girl to sleep at the age of 17.

I LOVE DOGS, for all the reasons everyone else does, their unconditional love and companionship.

She arrived yesterday afternoon, her owners off on a 10 day holiday. They bring the food, toys, bed and bowls. My job to give them all the cuddles their family would give them, feed and walk them.

Pepper is quite timid and a bit skittish. She was from a puppy factory. Heartless prisons that breed dogs over and over, that are kept in cages, given no human interaction, no daylight, or grass to run on for their entire life. They live in their own feceas and bred till their uterus literally falls out. Puppies that are born in these prisons are then sold mainly to Pet Shops, taken from their mums after a week or two, with the mums left to breed more until they die. Here in Australia their is an organisation called Oscars Law that fight very strongly to close these factories down and to stop the selling of puppies in Pet Shops.

They are succeeding!

I took Miss Peps for a walk this morning, every bus, truck, motor bike that passed by, she ran to the other side of me. Down for cuddles and reassurance.

This afternoon she came for a drive with me, whilst I dropped off K to her dads for the night. Stupidly I gave her a piece of steak (leftovers) not long before we left. Almost an hour there, then an hour back, she sat in the passenger front seat, quite content until….. Yes all over the seat. As I drove I grabbed the towel I had on the back seat, mopping, covering as best as I could, till we got home.

She’s such a sweety, I just patted her till she lay down waiting till we arrived back home.


28 thoughts on “For the love of dogs

  1. Oh, she is adorable! I won’t tell you what I think of the pet industry. It is so heart-breaking that I try not to dwell on it. So few people deserve pets like darling little Pepper. How I wish we all could rescue every suffering animal. You are a doll, Jen.

    • She is so sweet and it’s very difficult when I mind them not to say to their owners “No she’s now mine”! I have minded chihuahuas to Alaskan malamutes. Loving all and each personality. The pet industry as you say is vile, that and dog fights and anyone who abuses our beloved innocent animals. I was watching a TV Series Texas Rising (the Alamo) lots of fighting, killing. Every time an animal got killed, mainly horses, I’d cover my eyes (even though I know they are Ok) Mr S chuckled saying I love how you don’t care how many humans are dropping dead, but when it comes to an animal…. Yep I said that’s how I roll. Thank you sweety ❤️

  2. You really have a big heart with the choices you choose as your “life’s work,” Jen. I feel people who take care of animals or children are the nicest people. Your guest, poor Miss Pepsi losing her snack was a shame for you, especially. I can tell you take these things in stride. Wonderful living on and making her feel “at home.”
    I was glad you helped K. since car rides can go either way with conversations. I have meant to ask how your parents have been hope they are adjusting. . . It takes some time, though. xo

    • Thank you lovely. Animals, particularly dogs then horses are my other loves in life. I’ll be writing a catch up post later on the penguins and K. Yes she was, so understandably she’s a little frightened, especially of sudden movement or noises. Hope you had a good weekend. Seems like yesterday that it was only Friday! Then again working for myself every day seems the same ☺️❤️

  3. “Living”=loving. Oops!
    I was ssuing how nice to get 10 days to cuddle and ” love on” sweet Pepper along with other pets you take care of from time to time. I like how you described her shyness and skittishness. She was from those darn puppy mills that feed pet shops. 😦

  4. I don’t know what I would do without dogs. When we last our last pup, my husband said, “No more dogs…it’s too hard to lose them.” I thought to myself “I think I could live without the hubby, but not without a dog, preferable two.” David’s resolve didn’t last–within 2 days he was forwarding me dogs from rescue sites and we ended up with 2 within a week of each other. I abhor puppy mills and will only rescue. Rescue is not without its risks, but the rewards far outweigh them. Have fun cuddling!

    • Thank you so much Vic for popping by. I know, the pain of losing them makes it difficult to have another, but I so miss having one to love. I’m glad that David came around and that you now care for 2 adorable rescues. Hugs to both of you. I’m enjoying the cuddles, she’s a character and one day maybe, I shall have another to permanently love and cuddle. ❤️

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