Tread cautiously the night
Of Jack O’ Lanterns
Enticing amber fingers
Lick through carved out eyes
The smile if that is
What you see
Beckons you closer
Watch from a distance the flame
She licks and dances
Playing with your mind
Those who walk in costume
Are they really what they seem
What lies beneath
Who lies beneath
Do they perform her tasks
When nights umbrella
Hangs overhead
Crying for her workers
Silent to your ears
Watch them walk the street
Tread cautiously the night
For many have been lost
The night of Halloween
The flame will never be extinguished
Till all of us are gone

Copyright JMTacken Oct 2015

37 thoughts on “Others

  1. It is a whole day since you wrote this, but good adventures were had while the frightening fears of Halloween crept into my messages, ever so sneskily. Jen, you rhyme and use unique thoughts in this, many steps “above the norm!” I cannot rhyme. I try and rarely get far. . .
    I have a “scorched” photo and how love burns coming up. Funny, I scheduled it after a few things came up.
    I can hardly believe Thursday’s Doors came already. . . Hope you have had some fun, Jen. Mr. S. will show patience, (referring to your comment on past post.) He knows you are extra special and wishes to help carry the burden along with bringing you Joy. I remember the holiday in a tree house and the golf cart episode, too. πŸ™‚ xo β™‘

    • It is! Did I rhyme? 😊 I actually try not too as I did the rhyme for so many many pieces that I decided to go another direction. I’ll keep my eyes open for your posts 😊 You have a good memory, I hope so, he’s been really good. Hope you have a good day? This time difference throws me so much lol. xx❀️

      • “Time keeps on, keeps on slipping into the future.” I don’t remember who sang that but your comment about us being on opposite schedules really got my music “mojo” started. I also liked “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce. πŸ™‚
        You are good to him so he reciprocates. β™‘β™‘ 2 lovebirds. xo

      • I love the way your brain is on one thing then woah it’s off another course. I’m the same, I’ll be thinking of something, then blurt it out, regardless of the conversation I was in, Mr. S has a hard time keeping up at times..but yes 2 love birds, though I feel a tad old to have that title lol. I will listen to the song. I shall try and I hope you do to. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

  2. Nice one, Jen, although Hallowe’en comes around too quickly for me. :/ The kids – old and young – are on about their costumes already and I’m a boring old fart for the haunting season. Prefer to be a witch the whole year round! Not sure if it was them or me said that. πŸ˜‰ x

      • I think it’s just gone on too long for me. Thinking about/coming up with ideas for so many of them for so many years has taken its toll. And it doesn’t go on here for as long as it seems to in certain parts of the world. Hallowe’en season? It’s one night as far as I’m concerned. Buy crap, open the door, laugh at inane jokes, pretend fright, go away children. How busy it is depends on how many kids are in the vicinty and there aren’t so many young ones now where I live – might get off easy this year. Or just not opening the door sounds like a plan. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh good! good! *claps hands* perfect for the mood I’m in, and all the revelry being planned for a night of horrors. I’m over it, although I’m thinking of milking my birthday all the way until the end of Nov. It is the day before all Hallows eve of course, so I may give into er some of it. We have many, many children in our new neighborhood. sigh.

    • Glad you enjoyed and clapped hands πŸ˜€ As you know we don’t celebrate it, well I don’t, Mr. S and I just hide… I know so bad… So your birthday is the 30th October? Milk it for all you can. Stick a whole lot of empty lollie and chocolate wrappers on a sign on your door saying, sorry, I have no willpower? xxx πŸ˜‰

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