Chat time – The Wedding is done and dusted!

and I have let the dust settle hence not reading posts of late…sooorrryyyy!

Was I nervous the morning of….oh yes, I paced, I took anxiety tablets by the mouthful, I took deep breaths.
Mr.S was invited, but sadly I relegated him to the upstairs of the boat whilst I did my thing. As if I saw him I would have lost the plot more. Trying to pin on the grooms corsage to begin with. I failed miserably and let a more experienced staff member do it.

We waited for the bride to arrive, hoping to say my housekeeping rules, photos, phones etc, they went by the wayside as the bride arrived while the band started.
Luckily I still was able to say them, even though B & G were standing in front of me.

On I went, starting with an ice breaker sentence of what I would say at a funeral service, thankfully everyone laughed!

The vows, the rings and yes out came the handcuffs as an added surprise. Mr.S stayed for the reception as we weren’t going to swim ashore. I danced I had a wine or two..believe me they were needed.

Back to dock, the newly married couple then left on a horse and carriage and we all went our ways.

So my first one under my belt, they said they loved it (that’s the main thing). I had a friend of theirs who is a mortician in Florida, come up and hug me, saying he thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sigh of relief! Paperwork sent off today the government authority, fingers crossed now I have filled them in correctly, otherwise I may get a rap over the knuckles.

Hopefully I will be able to,post a photo or two, if I can snatch some off the photographer.

I promise to resume my reading and commenting as soon as I can.


48 thoughts on “Chat time – The Wedding is done and dusted!

  1. Congratulations! It sounds splendid. Went off on horses, no less! That you even took the time to post here shows how good you are. If there will be photos, that will be the icing on the cake! xx

  2. My darling Mummsy, how are you?

    Wow, your now doing weddings! Much happier thing to be a celebrant for. Things sound really good for you, I’m really happy for you!! I’ve so not been a good blogger this year, crappy actually! Lol Sending you heaps of hugs and good vibes. Paula xxxxx

    • Hello young lady. Things are getting better, have a bit of a road to go with K yet. Yes I’m now registered so we will see how we go. Don’t worry about not being a good blogger I had a 3 month break myself. Hope you are well and happy. xxx❀️

  3. Oh, Jen. I loved the excitement felt throughout your own words and the wonderful reception by all work were there. We’ll done, my girl! πŸ™‚
    May I send my excuses and please be forgiven, Jen?
    I was reading from moment our 10 hour days (Monday and Tuesday) ended at work. . . Wednesday, book club and book only 1/2 finished. As usual!
    Wedding sounds superbly served by the one I know and live. β™‘ Mr. S. getting to accompany you, albeit from a distance e where you could not see him. Extra special since this wedding went off without a “hitch” although I’m some places you might say, They got “hitched!!” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I got you 😊Thank you and no need to be forgiven. I haven’t been reading or commenting for a few days either. You sound busy! Yes he didn’t mind I don’t think, he knew how nervous I would be if I had him watching me. Thank you reading sweety ❀️😊

    • I hope I pushed the right reply button, tend to still be sleepy and ready to slip back into bed! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful night with specisl dreams. Thanks for friendship. (Just in case I forget you as one of my blessings in a post someday. Words need to be spoken.) xoβ™‘

      • I’m now sleepy and soon for bed too. How very sweet of you to say so, I value your friendship are right words should be spoken more often. Have a beautiful day Rob. ❀️🌹

  4. You did it my lovely. Oh I’m pleased as punch, er, well I would like some punch, but you had wine. Anyway.. getting carried away. I am so proud of you. With this one done, you’re now ready to take on the rest of them. Amazing you. And Mr S., of course he’s with you, where else would he be.. I mean well, not at that moment, but his presence there was comforting I’m certain.

    So um, I unfollowed and followed you, And there I was happily awaiting your posts. I’ve since found them in my spam. I mean seriously.. what is it that they’re trying to teach me? “they” being either wordpress or Yahoo. Sigh.

    • Hello gorgeous, YAY you found me. πŸ™‚ Yes I did – now we will see if there are anymore lol. Yeah he’s a good egg as they say. Naughty WP how dare they think me spam! Shocked πŸ˜‰ Hope you and all are well lovely xxxx

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