Feltone Castle – Part 3


Hannah was too frightened to reach for the oil lamp that sat beside her bed. She did not want any part of her body to be vunerable. The cries and footsteps continued, she hesitated before quietly drawing her legs from under the covers so she could light it. Her legs were unsteady, her feet shook as they touched the floor. What if they saw the light? Could she risk it? She knew she had to, she couldn’t lie in the darkness any longer.

She knew nothing of these children, that is all she did know, that they were children, from the sound of their cries. Were they evil? She hadn’t experienced ghosts before or any form of the supernatural.

Feltone was in her family for generations, she knew of its existence and as a young girl had dreamt of what it was like, but spending her life in another country, with no other family to call her own, she assumed she would never walk within its walls. This remained the case until one day a letter arrived from a lawyer, informing her that her great great Aunt, a woman whom she’d never met, had died and left the castle to her.

Even she hadn’t lived in Feltone, too grand, too large for just one woman to maintain. It was left for years, abandoned, unoccupied, or had it?

…to be continued

20 thoughts on “Feltone Castle – Part 3

  1. I believe spirits may be at unrest until answers are revealed. Especially would wish to go and see the castle in daylight first. πŸ™‚ Jen, children’s voices crying out, don’t scare me as much as piercing screams or shrieks! Great way to keep us listening and wanting more!

    • There will be answers…no the crying is fine with me also, the screams and shrieks unnerve me. Hope so, not long now possibly 2-3 to go, I think I have to make them longer! Thanks you honey. 😊

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