Feltone Castle – Part 7 – THE END


Hannah was angry, how dare they not answer her questions.

On her way to her room she heard the sound of water, but this time from a room to the top of the staircase, two doors down from hers, she hadn’t really taken notice of it before. The door was smaller than others.

Gingerly she turned the handle. She found herself standing mid calves in water, which just sat there like a layer of jelly, not pouring out of the door when she opened it, as it should, then again nothing would surprise her at this juncture.

She raised the lamp and gulped. Around the walls we’re pictures of herself, baby photos, child photos, adult photos, mingled with other portraits. Before she had a chance to really comprehend why her photos were there, the water started swirling around her legs, her head began to spin and she felt faint, it took all her strength to wade out of there as quickly as she could.

Within minutes all the doors in the house started banging, it was deafening. Hannah held her hands over her ears, yelling at them to stop it.

It was useless, they weren’t going to. She ran towards the staircase wanting to get out of the house, to escape  the incessant pounding.

“LEAVE NOW” they both screamed, Hannah thought of standing her ground, but they were making it impossible for her to do so. Before she knew it she felt a thump in the middle of her back and she was spiralling down the staircase.

When she came to, the doors were still banging.

“GO YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE” they yelled in unison.

Hannah ran to the front door, it was pitch black outside, she looked around her, not knowing where to run, she was confused, scared out of her wits. Then fingers yanked the back of hair, she bolted around the back of the castle and found herself in front of the swimming pool.

She started crying, she couldn’t return inside and it was too dark and treacherous to make her way down to the village to get help and who would believe what was happening.

“You think you’re so beautiful don’t you?” a whispered raspy voice came from behind. Hannah froze, it wasn’t a child’s voice. She still couldn’t turn.

“He will be back soon, you know, but I won’t let him love you more than me”  Hannah tried to speak, but her mouth was so dry, the words wouldn’t come.

“He loved them too you know, too much, I stopped that, that bath is nice and deep. They tried to warn you, I must say you don’t scare very easily”.

Hannah realised this must be her aunt, the girls were warning her, not frightening her.

“I couldn’t get to you, so I got you to come to me, remember the letter, he leaves them in his desk, blank letterheads, I found them”.

“He always said how pretty you were and that I should invite you here, for a visit he said, why, so he could give you all his attention, like he did those brats”?

Hannah forced herself to turn around, there stood a small woman, a shock of white hair, dressed in a long black dress.

The wind picked up, the moon now not sheltering behind the clouds. Hannah plucked up courage to move, she started to walk slowly around Isabel, unknowingly Isabel stepped with her, till it was Isabel who had he back towards the pool.

A cry “GO NOW” and before she knew it Isabel seemed to have been pushed, her arms flaying in front of her. She fell hitting her head against the concrete edge till her white hair turned red and her blood dripped into the murky water below.

Thank you for reading everyone.

25 thoughts on “Feltone Castle – Part 7 – THE END

  1. I never would have guessed this ending, Jen. I really like how Hannah figured out how to get the upper hand and took control of the situation. Those twins were a blessing in disguise. Wow, now when is the next serial? 🙂

    • Thank you for reading it through. I think by the end I had to make her do something, otherwise there wouldn’t have been an ending..at least for a while. Yes they were, bless ’em. Oh noooo not for some time I don’t think lol. ❤️😊

  2. so nice and creepy! a fine tale, Jen. i’m glad that you could lighten my mood with this dark tale… it puts things into perspective, yes? even in the darkest hours, there’s always the chance of a twist.

    and as for your return and re-read… i don’t think there’s such a thing as ‘mis-reading’, so much as there is a coming at it from a different perspective. thanks for the visits, I do appreciate them. ~

    • That it does, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You are a true gentleman Michael, it is a pleasure to read your work and to visit. Sometimes I admit I’m not the ‘sharpest tool in the shed’ when reading poetry. It’s difficult for me to pull out the meaning intended, but if I enjoy the words regardless of what I think it should mean. I shall say so. I appreciate your visits also ~ thank you and take care.

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