Chat Time

yes I’ve been slack again and not read anything ALL weekend. I have an excuse…I do..Saturday I was down in the Geelong area which in fairness is about an hour and a half drive from me. Mr. S was attending his sons bucks night (he’s getting married on the 26th). Three friends a brother and his wife and his sister and I went to the Day on the Green, which is an outdoors concert.

Fleetwood Mac in all their brilliance. We arrived at the motel, caught a taxi to the bus stop, 20 min trip on the bus. Another band on, but by that time we were downing a few wines and eating nibbles, so we didn’t listen very well. Then at 8 they came on and played for three hours. We also received free hats and blankets as you can see. I tried to,post a small video but I don’t have the right file. Finding the bus amongst about 40 buses was fun, in the dark..not. One hour to get out of the gate, there were over 20,000 people. Don’t let the sun fool you, the wind was freezing. I was watching them in coat, scarf and leather gloves.

Couple of photos, sorry off a mobile so not too great, poor Greg…well it was a very big day. So big in fact that I lost my voice Mr. S is clapping his hands as I write. Problem is I had a funeral to conduct today, which I did with a very croaky and at times very high pitched voice!

Next Β post some photos from the wedding! Then yes I shall return to reading, I promise.




21 thoughts on “Chat Time

  1. Oh my goodness, Jen. I am nearly out of time. Off to work!! I love absolutely love, Fleetwood Mac. So happy you got abgetaway. I was lazy all week except helping Mom and dread the warehouse return. . . Be happy and blessings to you, penguins, daughter’s and Mr. S., too. β™‘β™‘

      • I survived first day back, 10 hours 11 minutes.
        I found out you all received the free hats and blankets. So, does Fleetwood Mac usually like red? UT was so cool to get these snd the red ribbon is quite “jaunty.” 3 hours long concert was an awesome and memorable one, no wonder you nearly lost your voice, dear Jen. Have you ever tried, hot strong tea with shot of whiskey, honey and squeeze of lemon? πŸ™‚ My Dad’s remedy once I passed age 14. πŸ™‚

      • That’s a very long day! Ugh! No honey the hats and the blankets were provided free from the organisation (an insurance company) who we booked through supplied them (also a ‘booth’ with deodorant, sunscreen, freshners etc). Stevie just wore all black, so no red in her wardrobe! 😊 My voice is still coming and going lol, the remedy sounds good, but I may just have a shot of whiskey and forget the rest? Yes? πŸ˜€β€οΈ

  2. Wait! you saw Fleetwood Mac? *sniffs* I Love them. Ah! the weather, you’re right, those sunny skies are quite deceptive, So much fun though.
    I am now working my way back to all your posts. I have not received them in order, pffftt. I will just read them via your blog. Have just about given up on my email. Sigh. Wish I could cancel said email, but then would have to change everything.

    • Yes’m nods I did. Sorry 😞 Yes I’m sure you remember our deceiving sunshine, though in saying that yesterday was 36 and today was 14, Melbourne! So your email isn’t working? πŸ˜₯ You don’t have to read them all darling. I just wrote a story and that’s all I’ve done really. Hugs and love xxx❀️

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