breakfast love


Warm as the toast that pops on your plate

Hot as the tea that is Earl Grey

Soft as the butter that melts on your knife

Hard as the cheese you now start to slice

Cold as the liquid that glides down your throat

Sweet as the jam you’ve spread on croissants

Mesmerising as the strawberries succulent

Sad that this rituals come to an end

Exhilarating to think you will have it again

Angry when done there’s no time to relax

Painful the dishes you now have to wash

love ~ like breakfast ~ the most important ‘food’ of the day.


The sign is on one of our walls – Robyn this was for you  😉

23 thoughts on “breakfast love

  1. I really like how you not only work out it as a metaphor, but also “span” love in terms of opposites… to me this is one of the best way to describe emotions… Like Dickens starts “The tale of two cities” — it was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

    • Thank you Bjorn, yes metaphor intended (though I admit I’m not that good at them) the opposites I thank you for thinking of Dickens. I really appreciate your knowledgable comments on my writing as I know very little about theory. I just write what I feel, so thank you.

  2. Ah, the no time to relax is the thing that gets me… but breakfast is a must and Love is that all encompassing beauty. I grumble at dirty dishes for I’m obsessed with a clean sink.
    Lovely post my sweet,

  3. Thank you, Jen! 🙂 ♡♡ I remember how you described the wooden letters spelling “Love” on my post replies.
    I am so happy you posted this beautifully crafted-in-wood art work on your wall. I like the beautiful way the words in your breakfast post flows. It has humor and grace displayed throughout it.
    Love is the most important “food.” Exactly.

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