Chat time – Christmas with my penguins

Christmas Day in Melbourne was 30+ deg. We held Christmas lunch at daughter B’s home. Unfortunately their cooling decided not to work, so we all suffered in the heat.

My brother tried to late to get a wheelchair taxi to pick mum and pop up, so my nephew who is a tall, large man pushed pop in his wheelchair to the house just over a kilometre away.

Pop came in and looked around at family who came to greet him, I put my arms around and gave him my special kiss, once on the lips, one on each cheek, one on the forehead. He looked at me and started to cry, saying I held on to Christmas for you. I told him he can just hold on some more then.

I sat beside him, feeding him, then daughter K and daughter B did. We held his glass so he could drink, as he shakes so much now. He enjoyed his food, he cried a few times watching his family. Eyes barely open, due to his MSA and his swallowing becoming more difficult.  K stood up and said a few words of thanks, for those who helped make the day and for still having Pa with us. Mum sat, ate her lunch, knowing but not knowing how we were all feeling.

After lunch he needed to lie down, we wheeled him towards the couch and the ‘boys’ stood him up, the first time in over a month, lying him on the couch where he slept for over an hour. It was a day that had sadness, tears, smiles and memories.

A taxi able to take him back to the home. I called in on my way home, as I hadn’t been back there for some days. Mum refused the air con to be on again, the room was 25 deg, with windows closed.

Each day I’m grateful, each night I shed tears, each morning I hope.

I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas full of love and joy.

Treasure those you love,for they can be your heartbeat, not only on the ‘special’ days, but every day.