Heavy rain cloud above
Tip of an iceberg
Train track unknowingly derailed
I lack resilience
It’s the cardboard box that’s placed
Suspicious, unknowing
Not the time capsule to be opened
A certain day, a definite year
We wait
Knowing the outcome
Just…. not when




20 thoughts on “Bomb

  1. cherish the moments Jenny – live every last minute to it’s fullest. Love your sweet papa. He is so blessed to have you. It is the circle of life, but never any easier when it is us and our own. Hugs and love!!

  2. Hope you and yours will find moments of joy in the midst of great ongoing sadness. Please know I have prayed and thought of your father especially many times. (I never saw a response on your Chat time, on Dec. 15th or Dec. 18th and thought you had “gone off the grid” to care for penguins. Left messages before December 19th twice. I truly wish I had checked back more, Jen. Hugs, Robin xo ♡

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