St. Patrick’s

Bluestone peaked
Protected by the ivy that blanketed
Its walls
Green as the clover where
Leprechauns tread
Wrought iron hinged
Door of heavy wood

It was the seventeenth of March
No petals lining carpet
For the bride to walk her way
Vows spoken
Golden band placed on finger
The vein leading to the heart

Forward to today
Still in love
Still as one
Priorities have changed
Across the years
Side by side they sit
Holding hands as they remember
Yet the days to them unknown

I’ve watched them grow
As they’ve watched me
Their hands now bruised and wrinkled
Their skin is paper thin
No illnesses till their eighties
Now each can claim their own

But today brought back the memories
Of the ivy on the Church
Of walking through the wooden doorway
Both so young and full of hope
And sixty-five years later
They celebrated their own way
With well wishes, cards & flowers
From family and their friends

Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary Penguins
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
My loves





36 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s

  1. On their wedding day they look rather serious but marriage is quite a commitment that they made and kept, Jen. ❀ Hope they enjoyed a little sparkling juice and cake, maybe with some special memories awakened with photos. Your poem is marvelous! I hope this whole 65th year they stay as they are, no declines but many hopes for their days to stretch out peaceful and happy together . . I have these wishes but we will also know God has them in the palm of His hand, plans will follow as they go. Happy Anniversary to them both.
    You are a saint and their rock, as your Dad was once your rock. Their looks and hugs are so sweet, hand-holding too. Hugs to all!

      • Quiet is sometimes good for refreshing one’s soul, for the week ahead, dear one.
        So happy Mr. S. is tiling which is productive and better he than you, in my mind. πŸ˜‰ K and B sound at least content. Mom yelled at me 3 x today. Once in front of brother who left rather than try to figure out why. I headed to bed to check blog. Take care and will hope for a lovely cuddle for you & Mr. S or a shared laugh! πŸ˜€

      • Yes and the week and is coming quickly. He’s doing a wonderful job, it’s just time consuming for him. Yes the girls are thankfully. Sorry that mum yelled at you… I know what that’s like. Mr. S and I went out for lunch today just to get out twice on our long Easter weekend. Hope all is well with mum now. xx

      • I am fine once Mom cools down and it is over. I know you understand that is why I mentioned this, Jen. I really try to let it go.
        Going with Mr. S for a break and meal keeps your special unity. It is nice to focus on your relationship. You two sound like you have teamwork. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello lovely, What a beautiful tribute to your darling penguins and how gorgeous are they – then and now. 65 years and counting.. I send them love and I send you more. They are in that space, each in an individual place unknown to us, together however, there is something so warm and loving about that gentle touch and hug. I’m happy to see you posting. Love you

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