We were weightless butterflies
Held in our mothers arms
We then shed tears at cut knees
And as we grew
With what we felt
Not from scratch or bruises
But from our heart

As the years followed
We,  born of wings
Feel the weight of weariness
Knowing how much we’ve changed
Relying on those who love us
To carry the burden of ourselves

If we could end our own suffering
Without guilt or laws set concrete
Not to cast eyes upon those who

Give us life itself 

Could we

Would we

23 thoughts on “Starting….finishing

    • Hello Johnny, thank you for coming across. I haven’t written for a while that’s true. Any inspiration comes from usually a dark place now. Thank you for still referring to me as a Poetess, it still brings me a smile.

  1. Yes – I thought about this a lot when my mother was dying. I know this sounds tough, but we treat our animals in more humane way. I don’t know they can’t change the law on this xxxhugs to you my darlingxxx

    • Watching the decline of the one you love is soul destroying. I know what you say about the treatment of animals. I just don’t understand why we can’t live and die the way we want too. Hope your doing ok. Hugs back sweetheart, thank you xxx

  2. This holds some special and loving words of life’s beginning. Then, time passes and the bittersweet part made me get tears. This was very touching and real. Truly impressive, Jen.

    • Thank you Rob, your words help my writing. I don’t know if you realise that, but you pick your way through what I write, with meaning, sharing what you feel, not only about the topic, but how it affects you and for that I am very greatful. xx

      • Just checking for any new pieces, Jen. I appreciate your kind words about my reading and thinking about your writing. Do you remember that woman by the window looking out? I really liked this and it could be a beginning of a story of a housewife with imagination coming to play. I may go look for it. Enjoy your week and how it unfolds. Hugs, Robin xo

      • Hello lovely, no nothing new I’m afraid. I’m still here in the background. It made me very happy knowing that piece was liked and resonated with you. I have a service tomorrow morning and then up to visit my penguins on Thursday and Friday. I hope you have a lovely week as well. Hugs back and thank you ❤️ xx

  3. the right-to-do movement in the US has picked up some steam of late, here in California. It’s a complex issue, but for me, grounds back to the central question: do we have the right to ‘own’ our own body? or does society have that right? good to see you, Jen. I hope your travails with Penguins and your daughter still leave you with a bit of room to breathe ~

    • Personally M I think we should have the right. We ‘do’ what society tells us for the most part, having the knowledge and peace to say goodbye to our own journeys, should be our decision. I’m in a constant state of tiredness, but I’m still breathing. Thank you and I hope you and yours are well. 💙

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