Grief before the end

Physically invisible
It doesn’t knock to be invited in
It’s felt, before the door has opened
The curtains bellow from the volume
Circling around

Gathering in strength
Some days your legs give way
An ebb and flow a dance of
Sorrow and of pain

It invades your personal autonomy
Stretching the silence into hidden tears
This before the need arises
Not knowing when the knock will be heard

So we bide the time
Wait and hope and see
Preparing ourselves to cope, to deal
The best way that we can
Until the real dance begins

29 thoughts on “Grief before the end

  1. like being in limbo, the most uncomfortable place to be. no matter how prepared we are, when the moment arises, we are swept off our feet. hugs –

  2. I think it is very numbing. I remember sitting all curled up outside on the front steps, alone, when my Grandfather was passing on and I just felt anaesthetised. My mother and her mother were so stricken themselves that they had no time for me nor did they know how much it hurt me too. When my Grandmother passed away, I was in shock for a year. I still cry when I think about them and it has been many years. May you be encircled with warmth and comfort, Jen.

    • My heart goes out to you, you have described the feeling so well in being anaesthetised. Tears are the words your heart can’t speak. Hugs my darling and thank you for sharing. ❤️

  3. Just was stopping by to hope everyone is better and comfortable for a Happy Mother’s Day, dear. I have been told by 3 “best” friends, better to have them here than gone. They know, having lost both parents. Two whose Mom’s passed in their 40’s.
    Sorry to hear of your Dad’s congestion and bronchitis. Hard to breathe, not knowing how to cough and bewildered, I am sure.
    Hold on tight to those who support you, daughters and Mr.S. have a lovely Mother’s Day. Your poem made me cry. . . ❤

    • Hello darling, sorry I gave you tears, thank you. Sorry for the loss of your friends mums. 😥 Gone too soon. Pops congestion is better, I can only hope today he’s having a good day and mum as the whole family meet for brunch at daughter B’s. Hugs and love to you ❤️

      • Just came back to see if any new posts or news. Jen, I try to think of ways to help out from afar, but guess there are mainly empty wishes and hollow words. . . sending you hugs, dear. Take care and wish things could be different. ❤

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