She rubs her eyes
Yawns the last nights sleep away
Bare foot across the boards
Using toes to balance
She pulls old tissues from her pocket
Of her mauve worn dressing gown
She wipes the tear that’s fallen
Her finger flicks the power
Waits and listens to the kettle
And just for a split second
Ponders coffee, chocolate, tea
Staring out the window to the sound of
Boiling water in the background
She grabs the cup and spoon
All her actions in slow motion
And wonders why life has challenged her
Is there a reason for the path she walks
She does not go to church or has
Belief in a higher being
Only perhaps the universe
And she wishes upon the nightly stars
Some have hurdles greater than she
Perhaps hers not that large
In the scheme of things
Everyone has ups and downs
As the warm tea touches her lips
There are others far worse off than she
That’s how she gains perspective
This thought keeps her taking steps each day
To not give up, or wallow into dark despair
The simplicity of ‘It is what it is’
Embedded and trying to be accepted
Almost a mantra spoken now
For new events that challenge her
Sitting she holds the cup with two hands
The warmth soothes her cold palms
Let it slide, she tells herself
She can’t be everything to everyone
She can’t solve, cure, remedy, please
Though inbuilt in her nature
There are days her strength forgoes her
Allowing herself to back away
If only for some minutes
But she is resilient and knows when she is
Called upon, she will be there
As to ‘there’ that is her home
Where she’s needed, where she belongs


37 thoughts on “She

  1. Hi Jenni! It’s been a while since I’ve popped in. This is beautiful and so real to me. I’ve often used that same perspective during tough times. I’ve gotta do a little reading to catch up with you! Have a great day!

  2. It can be overwhelming, Jen. Being needed can be our way of life, sometimes all it takes to keep moving forward. Hugs and love sent your family’s way, while you are sent so many warm, long hugs just for you. ❤ xoxo

  3. What can I say, Jen, that others haven’t said already and better. Strength and love to you. This isn’t easy and yet you find a way to comfort us, when it should be the reverse. I think about you often, and your parents. Courage and hugs. ❤

  4. Beautiful!
    As I always say, you are a remarkable person. Stay strong! And take good care of yourself. Amidst all that you do, just do not forget yourself and your own needs.

    • My dear friend, I thank you. I’m looking after me, as much as I can. I still try and read others, but rarely comment. Can I say though, here whilst I can, your last two pieces were stunning, breathtaking, I so loved them, so thank you, for all that you do and kindness 💙 x

  5. You touched me deeply with this. own mother so like this but more diminished. We don’t connect often and I so understand when you can’t put something in writing. You are a special, loving person and that takes its toll on creative energy. Be good to yourself.

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