lose patience even though
know she cannot change
watch with heavy heart the father whose life will never be the same
give thanks that another years been reached amd blow the candles softly out

amongst the everyday
the ups
the downs
and in betweens
a year has gone and
ask where
live more lives than the one

think for many not just myself
and through it all
the year that’s been
behind the clouds that loom so dark
a silver lining appears
for though
I may lose one that
so love
before some months have passed
will hold a new life lovingly
and preciously in my arms

26 thoughts on “I

  1. i know it has been a very hard year for so many reasons, and isn’t it a testament to life that even when things are so hard, and life slows down and heads toward a close for some, there is always hope, when a new life begins. congratulations, i am so happy for you – ❤

  2. its hard to think of the losing of those we care for…but then as well to look ahead at new life in our arms…and how all of it shakes the I who runs through your poem….we all need each other…

  3. I am very happy to hear of good news, Jen!
    Babies are blessings, littke precious angels. . . ❤
    This may feel strange among the sad closings of some parts of the special loved ones you tend and take care of. Those who dwindle and aren't always, or ever going to be, the same dear heart. . .
    Life is both busy and yet, fitting in my grandies and 104 days of a new guy friend, has helped fill some holes in my life.
    Hope all goes well with Mr. S. Prayers for special new baby and mother sent up, along with Mum and Poppa Penguin. . . ❤

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