And the Cattails sway

The prequel to Down By The River

She sat side saddle on the wooden stool
Calf length cowboy boots
Ragged denim cut offs
White T shirt
Outlining her curves
Elbow resting on the bar
Glass three quarters full
Five rings marked the wood around it
Circles much like life
The chair legs scraped beside her
Jeans brushed against her thigh

She blinked slowly
Her expression ambivalent
Taking in his beauty
He smiled, teeth white as snow
A conversation started
Her speech slurred
She giggled as the words fell out
His hand touched hers
She didn’t flinch
Throwing back the last drop of liquid

They walked out
Her foot slipped on its side
He grabbed her upper arm as support and
She leaned into his strength
No one knew her there
A bar the back of no where
No one knew her name
Her head spun as the air hit

She sat next to him
The leather hot under her legs
Fumbling for the radio
Once more their fingers touched
Reassuring, calm telling her to relax
“We can cool off in the river”
She smiled so innocently
Closing her eyes listening toΒ the music
Till the drunken sleep overtook
Thinking only of his eyes
His eyes of deepest green

My 1,000th Post

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22 thoughts on “And the Cattails sway

  1. It started so sensually and we have a sick feeling of dread from just knowing how it all ends. But we want to know more, even still.
    So happy you had your own spicy romantic escape from the challenges you face. How is the daughter’s pregnancy going? xo ❀

    • More? I felt like Oliver Twist saying that 😊 We just returned to cold Melbourne yesterday, we had a lovely time, I just wish we brought the sun back with us. 😞 She is going well thank you for asking honey. She is 20 weeks this Thursday and bubs is moving and kicking 😊😊 Soooo happy that all is going well, scan soon too. xox ❀️

      • You crack me up, Jen. πŸ˜€ A literary reference and I can picture the poor, bedraggled waif, empty plate in hand and big, hungry eyes. . .
        I am happy, baby in utero is doing well, as well as mum. ❀
        We look forward to the news, should you let us know whether girl or boy. Otherwise, we will wait patiently and excitedly!
        I hope the sun shines this weekend upon Melbourne, dear. ❀ πŸ™‚ xo

      • No noone is finding out b or g until it happens. Names are chosen, furniture for nursery bought. Thank you, sadly we are expecting a rainy weekend after a beautiful sunny day today. Spring has hit so I hope for more sunshine. ❀️😊

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