String lines

I am held together with
Strings of empathy
For those that hold my heart
Held to parents
Bound to children
One apron, one not
To those I say goodbye to
My work strings entwined with family
Just the thickness varies
That is all
For animals
It remains the same

When I can I give of me
I release them to the length I want
Depending on the moment
Yet there are days of knots
When I cannot give
I cannot try
I cannot unwind nor stretch further
For I am human
and humans have limitations

21 thoughts on “String lines

  1. Strings of responsibility can get frayed as our nerves and emotions are fragile. My inner strength dwindles but then my well if love fills up and revives me once again. Best wishes for your Poppa Penguin who us restless and needs rest, as well as some extra attention to others, baby on its way, too. xoxo Jen, saying prayers as I head off to bed, sorry for late responses.

    • You shouldn’t apologise my comment is later than yours! Thank you darling for your best wishes. Mum has been very difficult with me of late, struggling to come to grips with her assaults. Pops voice is dwindling more. B is now 24 weeks and quite a tummy on her now and bubs is moving around quite strongly..a good sign. Hugs sweety xxx

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