What occurs when night takes it’s stranghold on the world
In the early hours as rain is constant unrelenting
As coldness forms a barrier on once a lightened day
How many are awake I ponder as sleep evades
Are they warm and comforted under cotton sheets
Or lie on concrete with cardboard to protect
Are their mothers waking to feed their young
Animals huddle amongst barren trees
Who dies tonight who lives who cries as new life enters
I stand listening as it hits the perspex
The outside light shines from the house next door
And the rain falls in patterns heavier at times
No reasoning clouds are joined as one
I drink warm cocoa knowing others are cold
Not asleep yet not fully awake as the hour clicks to morning
Rain I hear you yet I cannot see you only if I look towards the light
You drown the earth giving it sustenance
The drain pipes echo as you cascade down
Many thoughts as sleep evades I listen
And wait for a new day to arrive

23 thoughts on “Night

  1. Hello lovely,I have often lain awake with thoughts that have invaded my peace, and here you are, creating a space for them, describing so beautifully what it means to be awake at that odd time. Perfect.

  2. I should have known you had written this over a week ago! Drat that busy work schedule and missing something which captured my own dark, nightly feelings, before I fall into a restless sleep. Sad there are those scrambling to find shelter and comfort and those who may not live to see the dawn’s shining light again. . . ponderings which show depth if caring emotions, Jen. ❤ xo

    • Sorry for the late reply lovely. Been a little hectic in my world (as always) . Thank you again for your heartfelt words and I’m sorry that you also experience the restless nights. I hope you have a lovely weekend Robin and thank you for reading ❤️💋

      • Your reply was perfectly timed, Jen. No worries about timing of your reply, dear. Sorry you have such a stretched life. I am glad to be needed. Things aren’t too bad in my 5 month relationship. We are taking it ever so slowly. . . We shall see, his name is Calisto, parents from Italy but he doesn’t look Italian, since he isn’t dark haired, more sandy brown.
        Hope your family is “status quo” and nothing too upsetting new happening. Physical decline is sadly a challenging part of your Dad’s life, with your Mum’s mental decline. I have the latter, too. Mood swings aren’t easy. 😦 Keep your chin up.
        Glad you have hugs and love from Mr. S, sweetie. xo

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