As she ran dust red kicks behind
Heels of leather boots
Along the path below the mountains
Stripped of foliage sunset fell
Settling on layered rust flat tops barren

A ruler against the clouds
In her head she hears drums
Running wide eyed
Heart coursing blood through veins
And she steps sure footed

Jumping rocks in her way
The sun beat down
Without faltering
Not turning back
She ran
Spiraling into herself
Until she couldn’t run
She couldn’t breathe
She didn’t wake


30 thoughts on “Run

  1. Escaping, with red dust puffs left behind her boots. She is making her final run, wide eyed and sure footed. It may kill her but she may feel relief in the end. I am restating your words in what I felt their meaning was to me. Death may be someone’s only way to escape controlling partners. Very serious tone here and awesome impact, Jen!

    • I do like your interpretation Rob. It can be construed in many ways I guess. Serious is my thinking over the last couple of years, hence not writing that often anymore, as it’s possibly way too serious and people don’t want to just read doom and gloom, so I thank you for reading and hope you are all well. ❤️

      • Jen, I love love loved this one and now, the Forest poem. You dear sweet writer! ❤ You have me holding my breath, listening to my heartbeat and his in the woods, with needle points of cold shivers, both in pleasure and in weather related response!

      • Aren’t you sneaky putting a comment here. I feel now if I write, as I don’t visit everyone else as often as I did that I shouldn’t have the comments open, just doesn’t seem the right thing to do. My writing has become less and less as you have seen, but now and then something springs to mind. Thank you for never ending support and kindness lovely, it is so appreciated. I hope things are going well with everyone and your new fella ❤️

  2. Hey Jen, better late than never. Apologies my friend, just discovered “Run” . This flight of despair to silence the drums that torment, once decided she was committed to her peace. Very very visual, loved this alot x.

  3. So glad I saw this one. It reminds me of a book I once loved. I was so drawn to that visual and I’m trying to remember the title, but it eludes me at this point.. it is just poignant and devastating at the same time. Beautiful my lovely, so happy to see you write every now and then, tis’ important.
    hugs and xxxx

    • Thank you lovely. I love that it reminded you of a book, if you remember the title you must let me know. I try and write when I can, or more so when my muse kicks me in the butt and tells me to do so. Hugs and love darling xxx

  4. Ah! This verse makes me sad because this run seems like an ultimatum; something that’s carried out with clenched fists and closed eyes.
    And your recent post makes me wonder even more of this inescapable sphere. The forest encases us, protects us from the external world but to what avail? Even when we create a cocoon of safety around us, it’s bound to suffocate us eventually. I wish there was something that could provide a kind of solace from it all.
    Beautiful writing as always, my friend. Evocative, intensely bound in a graceful package of meaning and understanding. 🙂

    • I hope you are well Anmol, I feel guilty for not visiting those that I follow. Time gets away, commitment to those of my family, tiredness. Your answer, your words are, as always poetry in itself and yes solace needed. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write such a beautiful comment. Appreciated.

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