It’s easy to fall through the cracks
Unwanted unloved
Holding on
When others disown
The twists and turns
Within their heads
Feeling their pain
Their wish to leave
This earthly coil
Not from age or illness
Sight unseen
It’s in the box
The one that no one
Dares to open the lid
For lack of understanding
It’s opened only by the brave
Who have the strength to ground them
Steer them on the path
To feeling whole again

How simple for some to walk away
Be a parent
Your resolve is firm
For they are your blood
You hear them silently scream
Even while they sleep


12 thoughts on “Unworthy

  1. I too think ‘Unworthy’ is completely perfect and genuine in every way. Jen having seen you interact very recently, I see all the visuals in your words. You are right, you are strong, you are the Mother. Love and admiration my friend. XXXXX

  2. I love my children and grandchildren so much I would walk through fire! Your words about listening to their screams is so true.
    anything and everything for them.
    Jen, wishes for a blessed and happy holidays season full of love and joy to you! Oh, and Peace. xoxo ❤

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