Little one

Strong the link
A cord doesn’t bind
Drawing me forwards
To this little child
Who knows not of hate
Or what’s in this world
Understands only
The love that is poured
That surrounds him
Fulfils him and helps
With his needs

Has warmth and milk
Held tight in arms
Soothed with voices he recognises
Watched on adoringly
The expressions he gives
Whilst lying contentedly in his crib

He is safe in his home
As he was in the womb
Swaddled, protected
His surrounds are as small
As his fingers and toes
With the smell of a newborn
The best scent in the world

A love, nay an ache
To be by his side
To watch him
To hold him
This grandson of mine

35 thoughts on “Little one

  1. this is a beautiful and precious poem. you should write up a beautiful copy of this and gift it to him to keep. he’ll know what a loving and talented nana he has.

      • i think that’s a great idea, jen. also, i have been trying to write ‘on the day you were born’ pages for each of my girls and can’t remember too much, so it would be great if you made him one now, while it’s all fresh, maybe. for instance, “there was a snow blizzard, it was 25 degrees f outside, you came 2 weeks before we expected you, i felt scared and excited to meet you, the roads were slippery, the number one song of the day was…..etc.’ just an idea –

      • Excellent that I shall, good idea. I did a book for both girls pregnancy to when they were in their early teens, then gave up. It’s actually helped B, seeing what I did. I just didn’t a boy would take to it, but I may write every week or so. Hugs lovely. xxx

  2. This was such a loving and special message to baby Lewis. It is definitely so hard to not be pulled like a magnet to their precious bodies. Standing, looking slightly transfixed and dumbfounded is the way I felt as a new Nana, Jen! You must be floating on air!
    I used to sing to my own babies and my grandies later on, the Carpenters song, “On the day that you were born, the angels got together to create a dream come true, sprinkled fairy (star?) dust in your hair. . . and eyes of blue. . .” Up a little late so forgetting the way it goes, Jen. πŸ˜€

  3. So much beauty and love in those words for your tiny grand angel. Lucky I think a book would be perfect, he is blessed to have you for his nan. I rarely write in the girls journal now, need to get back to it. What a gorgeous song by Imogen Heap and perfect for you. β™₯

    • Hugs my lovely, I’m blessed to have him. Yes it’s finding the time to keep putting entries in. Yes, I loved the song that Willow posted. I can’t wait to see my grand Angel in a few days .. Though that seems a lifetime away. Hugs and have a wonderful weekend ❀️ xxx

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