Rubber Band

Each arm different directions
Each leg the splits
Wonder when I’ll just go ‘boing’?

Update – possibly explaining my absence.

Took Pop to a respiratory specialist as his breathing was laboured and some wheezing, didn’t know if related to his MSA. Also to check his swallowing, as
the facility had put him on semi thickened liquids, with information given by their speech therapist. Pop hated this.

Into Hospital Monday, swallow test with XRay, no he doesn’t have to be on thickened liquids. Pop now happier.

Tuesday morning, phone call. Mum was found on the floor in their room.
Broken left hip and some fractured ribs. Seriously?!

Tuesday afternoon, Pop had CT to diagnose breathing issues’ fluid on his right lung. Later that afternoon a pleural tap to drain liquid. As he cant sit, they had to perform it lying down on his side (not ideal).
They drained 700ml of liquid, with some residue left, this was the major pocket filled, has a few others, but not as great. Awaiting results.
BUT to add to it all, from doing the tap, he now has a pneumothorax (air pocket) in his lung, which can happen…and did. Today is Thursday, not looking at being able to leave till at least the weekend. X-rays daily to check lung now deflating and on oxygen.

Mum is in another Hospital and was operated on last night, visiting this morning, in good spirits, but ribs hurting her immensely. She will then have to have to go to Rehab for a few weeks, where I don’t know as yet.

Daughter B doing really well with baby Lewis ( who is absolutely gorgeous ) yes I’m a proud and doting Nana, I’m staying with them, whilst I visit Pop each day 9-8, then go and see mum, then B and Lewis and sometimes Mr. S and daughter K get a look in.

It’s been a long week, I’m about to go ‘boing’.

Love to you all, who are still following!

29 thoughts on “Rubber Band

  1. Rubber bands bounce back too you know….hang in there Jen, the rocky road will get rocky in some ways and smooth out as Lewis gains more momentum in your life…take care of you..

  2. during a particularly rough patch of caregiving and hard days, my daughters would make me soup and leave it for me when i finally got home. the grandies would could over just for a short time to say hi and they put cozy sheets on my bed. all of these things helped me to get through it. it’s hard to take care of yourself, when you are stretched in so many directions away from yourself. taking care of yourself is always last on the list. at the end of your long days, draw your energy from lewis and the positive energy around you. hugs –

    • Your daughters are wonderful. I don’t get help from mine in that regard, I never ask, they don’t offer, strange when I think about it. But both have their lives full right now, so I just make sure I eat and sleep when I can. You are so right though and beautifully said, I draw my strength from Lewis and the positivity that he gives, along with knowing that I am being useful helping mum and pop through their rough patch. Hugs lovely, I hope things are well for you. ❤️❤️

    • Yes pretty much covers it Jodi, told this morning she has broken three ribs. She won’t be healed or a happy bunny for some time and to top it off she lost her top denture plate somehow, so no top teeth to eat…. Sometimes I just yell…bring it on..anymore you want to throw our way ☺️

  3. You’re really going through the mill at the mo. Am thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and hopefully some energy too. Hope you’re getting some sleep. xxx

    • Thank you Sarah, just a little. Getting some sleep, but broken, as my mind wanders.. Mum back at the aged care, though I worry about their ability to care for her. Pop still in hospital. Hugs xxx

  4. Hugging you madly. I don’t want those stretchy bands to go boing, so I’m sending you light, energy and love. Hoping Mum’s rehab experience is a good one and poor Pop with that weak lung does better with the oxygen. Meanwhile, you hold on to that beautiful baby boy and try to rest a wee bit – important to your health my lovely. xxxx

    • Appreciating your hugs and love. Mum can’t go into rehab, due to her dementia…so back at the aged care, which worries me. Pop is still in hospital, waiting on results of another CT and then possibly a bronchoscopy. So no home time as yet. To return to Lewis brings me joy for the day, resting as much as i can, though broken sleep. Thank you darling. xxx

  5. Oh no!! This happened four days ago. Your situation is far worse with more serious damage to Mum and Poppa, too. Your bright spots with warm fuzzy feelings are baby Lewis and of course a few hearts and sweet kisses from Mr. S. Love you, Jen!! xo ❤

    • Tomorrow will be a week in hospital for pop, still more tests and results to get back. Mum was sent to the facility today, though I worry about her treatment there. Yes Lewis brings me sunshine on these dark days. Thank you Rob, love to you and your mum. xx ❤️

  6. Ah! It’s always good to hear from you.
    I can see that the last week had been on the busier side for you. I so admire you for all the things that you do. I hope that your parents are feeling better now and that they recuperate well. Take care, dear friend. 🙂

      • I can understand the ordeal of such a situation when both of them are dealing with such serious issues. I hope that they are doing better. And I hope that you are doing good and coping well with both the physical and mental stress.

        Life is a rudimentary tale; it’s going on one day at a time. Thanks for your kind words, as always.

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