It happens

Arm around waist
Awkward steps but
How we laughed
As I hung onto your blue eyes
Taken for granted
If I could dance with my father once more
The song echoes in my head
I remember like a past life

Outside I suck in the chill of air
That bites my tongue
The ticking of the traffic lights beat slow
Until it’s time to cross

A teenager, young woman yet to leave the nest
Helping clean the aftermath of your famous
Dinner parties
Cooking for thirty
You didn’t blink an eye
Your love of food and entertaining
Knew no bounds
Remembering the most complicated dishes – cakes
Without the need to follow words

Grasp the days, no matter how tough they seem
How busy your own lives become
For we don’t know
When the words of a song suddenly are real
Or the ticking at the lights
Race too quickly for our ears

Sitting at the Hospital.
Pop hopefully returns to Aged Care tomorrow after being in hospital for 2 weeks. Draining 2655mls from his right lung. I have spent every day for 11 hours with him, helping the nursing staff attend to his needs. Doing very personal tasks for him, out of pure love.
Mum’s operation went well, though after an anti clotting injection performed daily to prevent blood cots, saw her return to hospital yesterday, as bleeding started, by hitting a blood vessel. She was returned again last night.
She is more withdrawn and memory declined further after having the general anaesthetic. We don’t know if this is a permanent state now.

38 thoughts on “It happens

  1. You must be such a comfort to them Jen. I hope when you close your eyes to sleep, you and your father dance your way to your dreams. WIth your mum watching on as she prepares your dream party.

  2. Jen…. You are all that your amazing parents are, and then some. They are surely lifted by your ability for unconditional love, thus filling their slowly changing lives with comforting support, realised or not. 💕💕

  3. Ah! These words are beyond beautiful, because they hold such significance.
    I hope that things have improved for better now.
    To compensate for the hug not possible because of the distance, I am sending good wishes your way. Take care.

  4. I’m fairly certain you’re an angel (even though I have no belief system in deities). That’s not to say you’re a saint 🙂 ~

  5. My dear Jen. Well I popped over to your blog to say hello and to see how you’re doing…there are no sufficient words of comfort, only love and prayers that are immediately being sent your way. I remember well, the roller coaster days of hospital care. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul. Thinking of you sweet lady. 💚☘

  6. Hello darling, I haven’t been posting much, life is… well it just is for me.
    Even though I am far away and I don’t write much, I think of you often.
    I hold mum and pop in my thoughts and send light and love. My lovely, it takes so much strength and courage to hold yourself together and help your beloved penguins in every way they need. Watching them now, so different from what they used to be, you are their strength even if they don’t know it.
    Love you,❤

    • Thank you darling, my writing has come to a standstill over the months, I’m surprised people still follow me. Thinking of you also and thanking you for your thoughts. Love you too 💖

  7. I have been remiss. I think I read your Rubber Band post and expected no more for awhile, stretched to the max! This CA.e quickly after and I am sorry to have missed it.
    Thank you for the gift you give us, since your strength in times of trouble reminds us of how we may endure and overcome.
    It is overwhelming and cannot believe 11 hour care by you. Hugs and warm feelings sent your way, dear. xoxo
    My Mom was placed in March in Memory Care unit. I helped to pack her up and also to pass our more photos. Sent to cousins and her sister, my Aunt Amy some dear pictures of the two sisters. Keeping inbyouchis harder for me, two and a half hours away. It was snowing over a few weekends but it will only have been a month with two brothers and sister in law to visit her.

  8. You haven’t been remiss, I have, however that sadly is life how is. So sorry that mum is so far away from you now. If only our final years were easier for our loved ones. Thank you for popping in sweety and thinking of you and your mum also. Hugs 💖

  9. Jen, I have been away from WP too long. I am heartened to hear that your beloved parents are still with us and I know what this long decline must mean for you. We are going through it very slowly with my mother-in-law who is a shadow of her former vibrant self. Luckily she has a big family to share all this.

    A big, warm hug of support and caring to you. And one for each, your mum and pop. ❤ ❤

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