Some hearts healed

My parents
Both have gone
How grateful I am
For what they gave
Their nurturing, their love

When her beloved passed away
Her life was not the same
Not having him beside her
To talk to, or hold her hand

And we were not to know it
But her time with us was short
It only took forty days
To die from a broken heart

Hard for us to comprehend
So tortuous to see
Her body each day grew weaker
Till she slipped away from family

Our hearts are broken in pieces
As they did, not that long ago
But we know that she is happy now
Back in the arms of her lovey Joe



Mumma ~ 30.3.1929 – 29.5.2017

Poppa ~ 03.7.1927 – 19.4.2017

It is with great sadness that I let you know, that my darling mum Irene, passed away on the 29th of May. Fighting for almost 19 days, no food, no fluid. Some complications, but under advice, my brother and I made the hardest decision to let nature takes its course.
The thread that holds me together is knowing that both ‘my penguins’ are now in each other’s arms once again, after forty days of being apart.

I stayed in her hospital room, as I did for Pop, for the two and a half weeks, loving her, talking to her, hugging her, kissing her. The last 5 days unresponsive, but I spoke to her continually. My heart tearing in to pieces, with every shallow breath she took.

Now I take the road of grief and it hurts and cuts like a knife, both my parents now gone so soon, too soon.

RIP Muma and Poppa

till I see you again



13 thoughts on “Some hearts healed

  1. Gawds. I am squeezing you very hard. They are at peace now and live on in your heart. My eyes are wet though as I share your loss. I know how much you love them and how much they loved you. It was very special. XOXOXO

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re a wonderful loving daughter and you gave them your best. They are together and now is the time to do some special things for you. Rest, cry, eat, be gentle with yourself. Please take care! Big hugs!!

  3. A broken heart is the most painful death of all. How lucky that you had this time with them. This is so beautifully written, Jen. Love to all of you 💚

  4. You did everything you could Jen for both your parents. It has been a long and tough journey, but as you say your mum is now with Joe, they are together as they have been for so many years. Take care of you, now is time for you to look after yourself. xx

  5. You must be exhausted and overwhelmed. The positive is they are together again, but losing both parents so close together must be hell for you. We are thinking of you and send you our love. xxxxx

  6. Oh Jen, I’m sending you lots of love and light. Thank you for sharing Pop and mum’s journey and their love with us. They are now forever together, smiling, looking down upon you, sending you kisses and hugs, thanking you for your strength and tremendous courage. As you mourn their loss, and feel the pain of losing your loves, know that I love you and I’m thinking of you, holding your hand from many miles away. Losing a parent is excruciating, losing two is unfathomable. You are the bravest person I know my darling.

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