A Heartfelt Thank You

It has been some time since I last wrote a post, giving the very heartbreaking news that both my beautiful Penguins – or my mum and poppa, (for those who are new and following me) left our earthly coil.

I am am still trying to come to grips of their absence from my life.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words in your comments and apologise for not replying sooner.

I hope one day to return to writing, when that time will come, I do not know.

Thank you once again for being the kind and caring people that you are, I hope you are all well, safe and happy.



When daylight breaks…when darkness falls
I talk to you
Sometimes with smiles ..always with tears
I talk to you

Poppa is held lovingly on the left and mum on the right
My shrine…. my connection


16 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You

  1. It is so sad, I felt the shock vibrate through me, Jen! I was on a long ago post “Dahlia Suitors” that I wrote and there was your beautiful and sunny disposition shining in a comment. My fairy post today had a link to another Fall time.
    This post was so immensely sad, maybe best the two are together 💕 but losing Both just seems so hard to fathom, at the same time.
    Hugs, kisses and lots of sympathy sent your way. 🙏
    p.s. I have such busy summers, I just lost touch all together with beautiful friends, especially should have known my dear poetess and communicant was “down and out.” 💞 🕊 🕊

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