Why are we…


What do we seek in life? What do we wish for? Our hearts to be filled with pleasure and not pain. Love and joy and happiness. We search, we seek, constantly from the moment of our birth, tread paths not knowing the outcome, we learn, lessons day by day, to reach what, to be able to communicate, to gather friends, to be happy within ourselves, do we have a destination?

Are we merely breathing, acting upon the impulses of life, working jobs, doing tasks, the day to day ~ the norm? What is it we want to accomplish, by the end of our life’s road?
We lived a ‘good life’ we are satisfied, or is there so much more?

Should we make our mark in life, our footprints not eroding with time, will we be remembered for what we have done, more so than who we are? If this the case, we ask ourselves what do we need to do, what changes should we bring?

She/he was a good person, they cared, they protected, they loved.
She/he was thoughtful, did what they could to help others, they lent their hand.
She/he made me laugh and brought me so much joy.
Are these enough?

For when we leave this earthly plain and are burnt to ashes or buried in the ground
what will others say of us?

Sometimes when I write, these thoughts appear from no where, I exist, I was born, I live and I shall die, I want my time to mean something and merely not float by.

As I look upon the creases in my hands, my fingers hit the keys, I wonder where has my life taken me and where do I go from here?

©jmtacken Jan 2014

Photo Credit: http://www.deviantart.com

Wake me up (Prose – Inspired from the song)

wake me up when dreams are real
guns laid down
soldiers home
wake me up when sadness walks another road
seeking is found
goals achieved
wake me up when the starving are fed
crops flourish
drought an unknown word
wake me up when bombs don't hit the earth
politicians speak truth
gain is not just monetary
wake me up when the blind can see
ears can hear
voices are heard
wake me up when disease is cured
limbs are able
minds are clear
wake me up when animals are not tortured
caged to fight
or set upon
wake me up when I feel lost
my path unclear
crossroads of life
wake me up when tears of pain fall
from animal or man
cries unheard
wake me up when broken hearts are healed
lovers feel no pain
those we lose remain
wake me up when my hands and mind aren't heavy
thoughts of what's to come
what life will bring
just wake me up ~ when it's all over


oh and sorry for the advertising!

©jmtacken Jan 2014

get me out…(Prose from 3 words)

I have another 3 words given to me by the adorable Gabs over at gabrielablandy. Please go visit this extremely talented writer – you won’t be disappointed.

Her words are Private, Wealth and Sink…  I started to have nervous twitches when I first read these, hopefully I have written something… well who knows where my brain went with this. I beg your indulgence.


I stand as thoughts pop from this head
cascade into the eddy, down the kitchen sink
and SWirl and Swirl and SWirl around as I
stand mundanely on the tiles
drying dishes one by one

in private wish for other things
yes peace to the world; no starving kids
that some wealth be shared amongst
the poor ~ bring back Robin Hood in
tights, but there are other things that I’d endorse

no lost pups or pets abused, have no time
for those who judge themselves with
god given rights to mistreat the defenceless
of our world, they can rot in hell
~ you can tell from this,  I’m not amused

then my mind goes semi STraight, similar
but not equal to blank, random bits,
the ho-hum bits, round corners ~ no destination
as dishes clunk on stainless steel
there’s a *sigh* a fed up feel, a

don’t plead your case or seek my advice
give me the troubles you have as if I have
none, for I’ll snip them like
parsley that’s meant for the lamb
leave me alone, just go away, LET me be

alone sometimes to spread my wings and
fly from catastrophes, just to hear my breath
and count my toes, play hopscotch on the sand
cartwheels even though I’m old, Hmm who knows
but me and what I want

my childhood ways and lazy days, not
having to think, advise, console
patch up, smooth over and whats more
to slip away back into me, to remember
who I am, not a mother, or a partner

not a confident, or leader, no this
no that, no arguments, no ‘no you can’t’
or ‘yes you should’ sorry what ~ OH
you misunderstood, give me 5 or make it 10
I wonder if this will ever end

take me away, whisk me to paradise
where sun sits in rainbow skies
and sand like problems are brushed away
where the only decision there is to think
is what the hell I’ll chose for my next drink

©jmtacken Sept 2013

Still up for the challenge, if you want to throw me 3 words.

Bucket List

There comes a time in your life, mainly when you hit middle age (of course what number that may be is any one’s guess) for we don’t know when our time is up.

Goals in life that you wish to attain. We all have them, be large or small.

Mine were quite simple, and yet it took me sometime to actually get off my butt to start making them come to fruition.

To start off with I had various video recorder tapes. VHS for those who are too young to know what these are (the old big plastic cassettes) for the past few years I kept saying to myself I need to get them onto DVD’s, for over 28 years they sat in a plastic container in one of my cupboards, gradually the colour fading on them, lines and static appearing, all of this I know idea was happening. Last week I bundled up all these old memories, plus some more current and got them transposed onto discs. The technology wasn’t around years back to do, and now of course the Video Recorders have improved. It was one of those “Yes I’ll get around to it one day”. Now I have done it, so strike one off my list. I feel happy about this.

Secondly I have written a manuscript, I had sent it off to various publishers with favourable critique, but unfortunately it came to nought. Now I have taken the plunge to put as an EBook and I’m in the process of doing that.

I would like a wall of family photos, I haven’t started this venture. It’s the mere thought of getting all the ‘hard copy’ pics out and not having negatives of them (you say what’s a negative?) Taking them to the camera store to get them blown up, airbrushed etc etc. This causes me inner tension that I haven’t begun this.

To start blogging – as I enjoy writing so much, the chance to meet other bloggers or writers, to read their posts. Well clearly I can strike that off my list!

Mundane wants like new flooring, new bathroom, new splash back in the kitchen or a new bench top. New furniture, reconstruct the decking. These are dependent on finances more than anything though.

There are probably many more things I would like to achieve before I cant smell the roses, another overseas trip or two perhaps. To return to Europe and to show my partner all its the wonders.

I’ll keep dreaming, and planning in my head in the hope that I’ll get off said backside and make them come true.

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