Stitches of coloured thread
Shielded our bones from the cold
Faces chilled as needles
From unbending pines

The cries of wolves are distant
Paws soft on dampened moss
Scavenging amongst the timber
Of the forest’s sodden earth

We are safe in glow of embers
Protected from the darkness
Writing names across the stars
Our fingers touch and cross

We are encased within a tunnel
Of our love and thoughts
Pushing back the outside world
Here, deep amidst the forest.

And the Cattails sway

The prequel to Down By The River

She sat side saddle on the wooden stool
Calf length cowboy boots
Ragged denim cut offs
White T shirt
Outlining her curves
Elbow resting on the bar
Glass three quarters full
Five rings marked the wood around it
Circles much like life
The chair legs scraped beside her
Jeans brushed against her thigh

She blinked slowly
Her expression ambivalent
Taking in his beauty
He smiled, teeth white as snow
A conversation started
Her speech slurred
She giggled as the words fell out
His hand touched hers
She didn’t flinch
Throwing back the last drop of liquid

They walked out
Her foot slipped on its side
He grabbed her upper arm as support and
She leaned into his strength
No one knew her there
A bar the back of no where
No one knew her name
Her head spun as the air hit

She sat next to him
The leather hot under her legs
Fumbling for the radio
Once more their fingers touched
Reassuring, calm telling her to relax
“We can cool off in the river”
She smiled so innocently
Closing her eyes listening to the music
Till the drunken sleep overtook
Thinking only of his eyes
His eyes of deepest green

My 1,000th Post


Mother’s Day

From a child, to the adult that I am
You cared & guided me
Along life’s path
Selfless in your love
Today I want to thank you
For making me the person I’ve become

I didn’t think when I was younger
Of the struggles we’d face now
Once upon a time you held my hand
To cross the busy road
Now it is I who hold yours
Our ups & downs & in-between’s

Our tears of joy & sorrow
Our laughter through the years
Not knowing how life would change
But no matter where this journey takes us
Our bond & love forever will remain

“Happy Mothers Day”

To all the mums around the world

To all the children who no longer have their mums by their side

To all who have struggles and all who don’t

Remember them today & always


St. Patrick’s

Bluestone peaked
Protected by the ivy that blanketed
Its walls
Green as the clover where
Leprechauns tread
Wrought iron hinged
Door of heavy wood

It was the seventeenth of March
No petals lining carpet
For the bride to walk her way
Vows spoken
Golden band placed on finger
The vein leading to the heart

Forward to today
Still in love
Still as one
Priorities have changed
Across the years
Side by side they sit
Holding hands as they remember
Yet the days to them unknown

I’ve watched them grow
As they’ve watched me
Their hands now bruised and wrinkled
Their skin is paper thin
No illnesses till their eighties
Now each can claim their own

But today brought back the memories
Of the ivy on the Church
Of walking through the wooden doorway
Both so young and full of hope
And sixty-five years later
They celebrated their own way
With well wishes, cards & flowers
From family and their friends

Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary Penguins
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
My loves





Chat time – Update – 3 months on

If it rains, lift your head aginst the drops
Try to catch the light splintering through the dark
For it is there, it can be found

Hello everyone, it has been so long since I have been here.
I have missed the camaraderie.
Life has been so busy, that reading posts, or even the thought of writing one has been daunting.

The update is that my penguins health is not too good, especially poppa penguin. He has had a cough, antibiotics and now fluid on the lungs. We are waiting for the results of the XRay from last week.
He can hardly walk now, nerve endings gone on the souls of his feet, partially due to his diabetes, which is controlled by diet only.
Next month he is to have an MRI on his spine and legs, as his new Neurologist thinks there is more in his lack of ability to walk, than Parkinson’s.

Mumma penguin, has had her moments, slowly settling, but with Alzeihmers, we now grasp the good moments and suffer the bad and angry along with her. My brother had to have their room phone disconnected over night, each night, due to her incessant phone calls to him, demanding her things from home, such as hand mixers, or electric frypan, both she cannot use in the home.

Daughter K, is still living with Mr. S and I and still unable to work till the end of the year, or more. From the last seizures in June, her short term memory is still affected. She cannot remember what happens the day before, we are hoping that this will improve. The doctor thinks possibly 3 months or more.
The light at the end of the tunnel, is she is starting to feel and be stronger about herself and her life and no more thoughts or actions about ending it. The morning that I ran into her room to find an empty bottle of pills on her floor, took ten years off me.
No longer going out with J, she has signed up for some dating websites over here and is starting to meet people (men) in the hope of finding her true love. She has already been out on two dates within a week.

Me? In July I had my 60th birthday, another little milestone that was overcome. A fellow WP writer and good friend, Michael, came from interstate to join in the celebrations, which I was greatful for, in so many ways.

I’m up to 87 funeral services and have met with the couple whom I will be marrying in October on a boat and written the ceremony.

Life does go on doesn’t it, what we experience, what we feel, what we see. At times it got the better of me, but with supportive friends I got through.

Although I have had a lot of rain….light is splintering through.

Sharing some photos
1. Pop with my great niece Mia, at her 1st birthday.
2. Pop presenting mum with a new wedding ring, as her old one was cut off many years ago.
3. K and I in Noosa QLD a couple of weeks ago. A vacation with Mr. S.
4. Horseriding in Noosa.

Miss you


Do you?

Do you
Do you
Talk to the dead
lay flowers on the stone
run your finger tips inside
the chiselled line of their name
the date they came into the world
the day that they had gone
connecting the dots of their life
through marble fragments
with your memories

Will you
Will you
Cast your pain and suffering unto them
hoping to alleviate yours
for they have left and you have not
guilt subsides
you must rest as they do

Can you
Can you
believe that as much as seasons change
when leaves fall
or hold strong to boughs
when coats are cast or donned again
as day turns to night
and night brings a new morn
you will be once more
together in their arms

Do you
Will you
Can you



copyright JMTacken 7.1.2015



How could sips from a glass change the way they felt
holding eye contact, longer than a passing glance
The wine chilled, the heat between them obvious
he with lashes longer than hers
her eyes more emerald than the gem itself

The attraction of first love
one without the other could disappear
and letting go too hard to bare
How we lose ourselves in romance
standing alone, the other gives us strength
so intense in what they feel

Let that feeling remain throughout the years
a blanket that is wrapped around
till only one heart beat is heard
As their fingertips touch cottoned sheets
bringing memories of first meeting
and their kiss goodnight.

Copyright JMTacken 31.12.2014

Morning time


the world stirs
light pushes towards earth
eyes blink
closed from longs night sleep
all that were settled stretch
branches open wide
their feathered dwellers
cry the morning song
flying off from nestled homes

I could have written of the darkness
as I saw it
in so many hours past
digital click to warn me of the
minutes passing by
of life

eyes that wish to close
yet drawn to nature wakening
the sounds, the calls
bringing rhythmic pulses to the air

and nothing changes
night to day
sleep or not
with memories of yesterday
thoughts of tomorrow
we start again
the day is what we make of it

copyright JMTacken 28.12.2014

We remember Mid October

She left us with a smile
it bounced gently
from across the shores
like rays of sun
into our hearts
the lilt of her voice never heard
her giggles spread
far and wide across the pages
that she wrote
she loved chocolate
spreadsheets, lists
rode on bikes
showed us strength
in oh so many ways
and we were taken in
love and admired
her charm that reached out
to us and we were grateful for
her courage and determination

No matter how long or short a life
sadness falls upon us
when we lose those whom we love
mere words not enough to cover
the uniqueness of a life
the joy they brought
the mutual love and friendship

When they are called to travel on
we are left with memories
cherishing the time
we shared their lives
a candle that once burned so brightly
was extinguished without a flicker
and we now remember how brightly it burned
I still hear her giggles, I do
as I listen to the cello play

Dedicated to our Katie (a WP writer) who left our world and those she loved and who loved her October, 2013. We love you, we miss you, we know you are with us still

Copyright JMTacken 7.11.2014